Ruler in 10 AF: Sir Farris Cronberg(tossed down a mine shaft)
Ruler in 50 AF: none
Symbol: Grey Rook on Blue
Population in 10 AF: >700
Population in 50 AF: >410

Shared borders: Bassenheim to the northeast, Sternburg to the northeast, Orselen to the southwest, Cadifor to the west, Netherfield to the southeast, Lorraine to the north

former major exports: pottery, silver, salt
former major imports: metalwork, lumber, textiles (Bassenheim and Cadifor), Vegitables(Cadifor), Venison (Leavenworth), Mutton (Cadifor)
Natural features: Meln lake, Strine river, Rahl stream, Icehelm mountains Important Historical events: Taken over by the rebellion just after Orselen

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