Cross Island Parkway

Name: Cross Island Parkway
Reference Route: NYS Reference Route 907A
Length: 10.7 miles
17 km[1]
Terminus (SB): Southern State Parkway/Belt Parkway in Cambria Heights
Major junctions: Interstate 295 in Bayside
Grand Central Parkway in Queens Village
Northern State Parkway in Queens Village
Terminus (NB): Interstate 678; To JFK Airport (south); To the Bronx in Whitestone

The Cross Island Parkway is one of the longest north-south roads in Queens and Nassau County. Stretching from the Van Wyck Expressway in Whitestone to the Belt and Southern State Parkways in Cambria Heights, the Cross Island is a major Long Island - New York City route. There are 23 exits along the route, following the number system of the Belt Parkway. Formerly, the Cross Island followed the numbering system of the Southern State Parkway. The road is unsigned New York State Reference Route 907A.

The Cross Island Parkway is the main route to Belmont Park in Elmont, where the Belmont Stakes is run every June, marking the third and final leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.

Being a part of the "Belt System", its exit numbering is a continuation of the Belt Parkway, with exit numbers increasing north. At exit 25A (Southern State Parkway), the Cross Island Parkway becomes the Belt Parkway (more specifically, the section once known as the Laurelton Parkway). Before its exits were renumbered to align with the Belt Parkway, they were numbered to co-align with the Southern State Parkway, which is why that parkway begins with Exit 13 (the Cross Island Parkway was once Exits 1 to 12).

Route description


See also: Van Wyck Expressway

See also: Exit 16 (Van Wyck Expressway)

The southbound Cross Island Parkway begins at Exit 16 on the Van Wyck Expressway in Whitestone. The expressway goes over the Bronx-Whitestone Expressway to Interstate 95. Exit 16 leaves to the left for the Cross Island, which begins in less than a 1/2 mile. Going northbound, Exit 36S-N takes you to the Van Wyck, however there is no exit going southbound.

See also: Exit 35 (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 34 (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 33 (Cross Island Parkway)

The parkway's first exit going southbound is Exit 35 for Francis Lewis Boulevard and 14th Avenue in Whitestone. To access downtown Whitestone, take Exit 35 to Clintonville Street and turn left at the intersection. The parkway continues under Whitestone for the Utopia Parkway and 160th Street at Exit 34. Exit 33 is for Interstate 295, the Clearview Expressway. Going northbound on 295 will take you over the Throgs Neck Bridge into the Bronx. Going southbound will take you to Hillside Avenue. Exit 32 going northbound is included into 33 going southbound for Bell Boulevard.

See also: Exit 31W (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 31E (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 30W (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 30E (Cross Island Parkway)

After the Clearview Expressway/Bell Boulevard exit, Northern Boulevard (NY 25A West) crosses at Exit 31W. Exit 31W takes you to the Long Island Expressway in Long Island City. Exit 31E is for Northern Boulevard east, which takes you eastward towards eastern Long Island. The Long Island Expressway crosses at Exit 30 in New York City. Going eastbound on the LIE takes you to eastern Long Island while going westbound takes you to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel into Manhattan.

See also: Exit 29W (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 29E (Cross Island Parkway)

The Grand Central Parkway crosses at a large intersection in Queens Village. Exit 29W will take you westward to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and Triboro Bridge about 14 miles west. Exit 29E will take you to to the Northern State Parkway, which goes eastward to Hauppauge.

See also: Exit 28B (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 28A (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exits 27, 27E and 27W (Cross Island Parkway)

Exits 28A-B is the final exit in Queens until Exit 26C. Exit 28B is for the Union Turnpike, which runs from North Myrtle Avenue in Glendale to Marcus Avenue in North New Hyde Park. Exit 28A is for Hillside Avenue which intersects only 1.2 miles into Hillside Avenue. Hillside Avenue in the other direction stretches another 6.05 miles to New York Route 25 in Westbury. Exits 27E and 27W are for Route 25, also known as Jericho Avenue and Braddock Avenue. Route 25 eastward takes you to the FDR Drive, which borders the East River. Route 25 westward stretches for another 99.6 miles to the Orient Point ferry landing.

See also: Exits 26A, 26B, 26C and 26D (Cross Island Parkway)

The Exit 26 bunch is a very long section of the highway, two exits being for Belmont Park while the other two are Hempstead Avenue (NY 24). Exits 26A and 26D are for Belmont Park Road at two different sections of the area. Exit 26B is for Hempstead Avenue east, which will take you to NY 110. Exit 26C however will take you westward towards the Long Island Expressway and NY 25 in central Queens.

See also: Exit 25B (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 25A (Cross Island Parkway)

The final two exits going southbound are the 25s. Exit 25B is for Linden Boulevard towards downtown Glen Oaks, while Exit 25A is for the Southern State Parkway. If you continue southward past Exit 25A, the next exit will be part of the Laurelton Parkway.


See also: Exits 27, 27E and 27W (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 32 (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 36N (Cross Island Parkway)

See also: Exit 36S (Cross Island Parkway)

The first exit as the Cross Island Parkway is for the Southern State, but this time, it is unnumbered. All of the exits from 25B-26D are the same as the southbound direction, but Exits 27W and 27E from the southbound direction are this time merged into one exit, Exit 27. Exits 28A-31W are all the same until you come upon Exit 32, a northbound only exit for Bell Boulevard. Just before Exit 32, there is a small marina to launch boats into the Long Island Sound. Exit 33, like southbound is for the Clearview Expressway. Exit 34 is the exact same as well, except that it does not access 160th Street. Exit 35, the Francis Lewis Boulevard/14th Ave exit does not exist on this side and the Cross Island goes on straight to Exits 36S-N in Whitestone. Exit 36S will take you on the Van Wyck southbound towards JFK Airport and Shea Stadium while Exit 36N will take you northbound to Interstate 95 into New England.


The Cross Island Parkway was made official in 1940 by the NYDOT. The exit numbering of the Cross Island Parkway used to follow up to Exit 13 on the Southern State Parkway in Cambria Heights. Due to this, Exits 36N - 25A were 1N - 12A, with the SSP continuing the patterns afterward. A few years later, the Cross Island became part of the Belt Parkway system and followed the exit numbering of the Laurelton, from 25 and on.

Exit list

Number Municipality Destinations Notes
Queens Begins at the eastern terminus of the Belt Parkway
25A 12A Southern State Parkway
Eastern Long Island
Southbound exit only
25B 12B Linden Boulevard
26A 11A Belmont Park Northbound exit only
26B 11B NY 24/Hempstead Turnpike/Hempstead Avenue
26C 11C NY 24/Hempstead Turnpike/Hempstead Avenue
26D 11D Nassau County Belmont Park
27 10 NY 25/Jericho Turnpike/Braddock Avenue Northbound exit only
27E 10E NY 25/Jericho Turnpike East
Southbound exit only
27W 10W NY 25/Braddock Avenue West
Southbound exit only
28A 9A Queens NY 25B/Hillside Avenue
28B 9B Union Turnpike
29E 8E Grand Central Parkway East
Northern State Parkway
29W 8W Grand Central Parkway West
LaGuardia Airport
Interstate 278/Triborough Bridge
30E 7E Interstate 495/Long Island Expressway East
Eastern Long Island
30W 7W Interstate 495/Long Island Expressway West
Queens Midtown TunnelManhattan
Southbound exit only
31E 6E NY 25A/Northern Boulevard East
31W 6W NY 25A/Northern Boulevard West
32 5 Bell Boulevard Northbound exit only
33 4 Interstate 295/Clearview Expressway North
Throgs Neck Bridge (Northbound Exit Only)
Willets Point Boulevard TO Interstate 295/Clearview Expressway South
Bell Boulevard (Southbound Exit Only)
34 3 Utopia Parkway
35 2 14th Avenue
Francis Lewis Boulevard
Southbound exit only
36N 1N Interstate 678/Bronx-Whitestone Bridge Northbound exit only
36S 1S Interstate 678/Whitestone Expressway South
JFK International Airport
Northbound exit only
End of Cross Island Parkway and merges with Interstate 678


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