Crovan (formerly 87546) is the Governor of Sodor's private engine and pulls the Governor in his coach called Helen. He  is extremely arrogant and one of the rudest steam engines on Sodor. He is also very prone to anger and has issues with controlling it. He is abusive to Helen but respects the Governor. He previously was rude to Henry when he first arrived alongside Alfred/98462. The Gate made by Crovan.

Crovan the Tender Engine


  • Top Hat or Bluenose (TUGS)
  • SL Top Hat (Salty's Lighthouse)
  • Superintendent Chalmers (The Simpsons)


  1. Crovan/Thomas
  2. Crovan/TUGS
  3. Crovan/The Little Engine That Could
  4. Crovan/Edward
  5. Crovan/Gordon
  6. Crovan/Henry
  7. Crovan/James
  8. Crovan/Percy
  9. Crovan/Toby
  10. Crovan/Byron
  11. Crovan/Scruffey
  12. Crovan/Terence
  13. Crovan/Trevor
  14. Crovan/Fergus
  15. Crovan/Diesel
  16. Crovan/Rusty
  17. Crovan/Spencer
  18. Crovan/George
  19. Crovan/Bulgy
  20. Crovan/Duncan
  21. Crovan/Harold
  22. Crovan/Jack
  23. Crovan/Alfie
  24. Crovan/Ned
  25. Crovan/Oliver
  26. Crovan/Duck
  27. Crovan/Max
  28. Crovan/Monty
  29. Crovan/Flora
  30. Crovan/Samson
  31. Crovan/Arry
  32. Crovan/Snow White
  33. Crovan/Skipper & Skeeto
  34. Crovan/Lorry 1
  35. Crovan/Lorry 2
  36. Crovan/Lorry 3
  37. Add more but please don't delete any

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