Why Crowdsource?

In kicking against the boundaries of what's possible, many organizations are experimenting with collaborative process, collaborative tools.

Authors from MIT and Wharton are collaborating on a networked book on business and how the "emergence of community and social networks will change the future rules of business". The "We are Smarter than Me" [1]was formed based on the premise that large groups of people can take responsibility for traditional business functions.

The section on publishing contained several interesting activities. The Networked Book [2], details ways collective authoring and publishing are evolving. Authors are calling upon readers as assets, as resources to collectively annotate books. And like the free Adobe reader corporate strategy, building a following might be nothing more than Giving it all Away.[3]

The Purpose of this Wiki

Many agencies are working to create a learning organization. We can learn from the Defense Intelligence Agency, where Adrian "Zeke" Wolfberg created the Knowledge Laboratory and studied the factors that promote and prohibit learning within an organization. As a result of his work, agencies might work to "operationalize risk" in order to promote a knowledge organization.

In the Knowledge Organization wiki, we will complete a simple project by tapping the experts ("the crowd") in a variety of federal agencies. By April, 2007, this "crowd" will complete a white paper (Operationalizing Risk in Knowledge Organizaions [4] that describes a learning organization, that demonstrates what works and doesn't work in various agencies, and details the need to operationalize a certain level of risk in order to create a learning environment.

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