Crowells Road is one of the longest streets in Highland Park, New Jersey. The road begins at the intersection of Dartmouth Street and Woodbridge Avenue on the South Side - Triangle Area border. Crowells has no buisnesses, but is full of apartment complexes and houses. The first murder in forty years occurred when a 6-year boy was slaughtered by his mother in 2005.

The first intersection that you come upon is Labakan Place, which brings you to Hilton Street. The second intersection is for Lewis Street, which also brings you to Hilton Street. Then the third intersection, one of four major ones, Aurora Street brings you all the way to South Ninth Avenue. There are no intersections until we reach the southern terminus of South Eleventh Avenue and a few apartment complexes. The fifth intersection is Graham Street and finally the terminus of Crowells Road at Donaldson Street (Section 4).

Crowells Road is one of few streets that were around before 1888. The other streets were Mill Road, First through Fifth Avenues and Raritan Avenue.

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