Crybaby Mahri is a Misty's Greatest Adventures episode.


  • Mahri can't stop crying because she had lost her teddy bear named Mr. Buttons. Marina tries to calm her down. With disastrous results.


  • Marina
  • Mahri
  • Knuckles (cameo)
  • Omi (cameo)
  • Giselle (cameo)
  • Tyra (cameo)


Part 1

  • (we see Marina watching a time lapsed scene of the first Like Mike movie)
  • Marina: Calvin Cambridge is moving really fast and Tracey is moving his head faster than his son did.
  • Mahri: (runs in crying loudly like a siren)
  • Marina: What's the matter, Mahri.
  • Mahri: It's terrible. Mr. Buttons has been sent to the dumps and now i can't find him.
  • Marina: (turns off the TV and holds Mahri) There, there. Don't cry, Mahri. I know you were a crybaby.
  • Mahri: (starts crying louder)
  • Marina: (thinking) I better start finding Mr. Buttons before it's too late.
  • (Marina goes looking for Mr. Buttons)
  • Marina: I found one. It's this Mr. Buttons?
  • Mahri: No! It's a talking doll version of me that you made way back in 2001. But i wanted Mr. Buttons! (cries louder and louder)
  • Marina: Just stop crying, Mahri. I'll find Mr. Fluffles as soon as possible.
  • Mahri: It's Buttons, not Fluffles!
  • Marina: Oops! Sorry!
  • Mahri: (starts wailing as loud as a siren)
  • Marina: My ears! Mahri, stop it! I had enough water for one day. (head enlarges) Stop crying!!!
  • Mahri: (wails even louder and runs off)
  • Marina: Now where do you think you're going you little crybaby!
  • (Marina starts following after Mahri)
  • Mahri: (still crying trips over to the floor, whimpers, and starts a renewed wailing)
  • Marina: There, there. Don't cry, Mahri.
  • (Mahri gets angry and slaps Marina on her cheek)
  • Marina: (angry) Hey, don't do that!
  • Mahri: (glares)
  • Marina: (angry) All right, go home and start crying.
  • (Tears come out of Mahri's eyes, Marina stares at her angrily but turns into sadness.)
  • Marina: Oh.
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see Marina in her room with Mahri)
  • Marina: There's something wrong your your crying, Mahri.
  • Mahri: That's because i wanted Mr. Buttons so much. That i didn't get it.
  • Marina: Don't worry, Mahri. I'll find Mr. Buttons soon.
  • Mahri: Thanks, Marina.
  • Marina: Now stay here while i look for Mr. Buttons. Okay?
  • Mahri: Okay.
  • (Marina goes to look for Mr. Buttons)
  • Marina: Let me see. Got it! It's really Mr. Buttons. Mahri, is this Mr. Buttons?
  • Mahri: Yes!
  • Marina: That's the spirit, Mahri.
  • Mahri: Oh, Mr. Buttons. I love you so much.
  • Mr. Buttons: I love you bunches.
  • Mahri: He can talk, Marina.
  • Marina: (giggles) Sure did, Mahri. You're going to be my adorable little friend.
  • Mahri: (laughs) Thanks, Marina.
  • (Marina and Mahri were watching Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen)
  • Marina: That girl is throwing clothes to her friend's bed.
  • Mahri: Oh, Marina.
  • (Later, Marina and Mahri are playing piggy toes)
  • Marina: We'll just play this game by wearing our nude tights. Okay, Mahri.
  • Mahri: Okay.
  • (

Part 3

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