Crying Your Knife Away

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Crying Your Knife Away
Crying Your Knife Away
Released 1994
Genre Indie Rock
Length LP 1: 34:41
LP 2: 28:25
Label Lo-Fi Recordings
Catalog # LO-FI 004

Crying Your Knife Away is a live bootleg by Guided By Voices. It was recorded at Walnut Hills Bar, Dayton, OH - 10th June, 1994.

"Bela Koe-Krompecher's 26th birthday party at Stache's in Columbus, Ohio, June 18, 1994. The party actually started at 3:00 PM in Bela's backyard. Kegs were flowing, and Pete Jamison manned the grill, while Bela's grandmother, (beer in hand), presided over the whole affair from a lazy boy in the middle of the yard. Records were traded, lies were told, and perception was severely impaired. Around 10:00 PM the party went mobile, stumbling a few blocks away to Stache's. The drink of choice was Rolling Rock, and before GbV took the stage, at least one band member caught a nap."

Track Listing

LP 1

  1. Postal Blowfish (Live) (4:21)
  2. Closer You Are (Live) (2:14)
  3. My Valuable Hunting Knife (Live) (1:58)
  4. Gold Star For Robot Boy (Live) (1:54)
  5. Lethargy (Live) (2:01)
  6. Striped White Jets (Live) (2:14)
  7. Non-Absorbing (Live) (2:04)
  8. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory (Live) (2:28)
  9. Shocker In Gloomtown (Live) (1:31)
  10. Motor Away (Live) (2:30)
  11. Awful Bliss (Live) (1:38)
  12. Tractor Rape Chain (Live) (4:33)
  13. Blimps Go 90 (Live) (2:06)
  14. Exit Flagger (Live) (3:09)

LP 2

  1. I Am A Scientist (Live) (2:33)
  2. Quality Of Armor (Live) (2:35)
  3. Cruise (Live) (3:02)
  4. Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy (Live) (1:54)
  5. Some Drilling Implied (Live) (2:18)
  6. If We Wait (Live) (5:44)
  7. Weed King (Live) (2:51)
  8. Pimple Zoo (Live) (1:17)
  9. Break Even (Live) (4:03)
  10. Ester's Day (Live) (1:57)
  11. Stage Comments (Live) (0:11)
  12. Invisible Man (Live, Bonus Track)

N/A Crying Your Knife Away For All Good Kids

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