Crystal Lion
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Age: Season 1-13. Season 2-14
Race: Lion.
First appearance: 'The vampire who turned Werepyre' Part 1.
Trivia: Is known as 'Black Panther' because of her lean figure and agility.


Crystal Lion was born on 21 December 1556. She lived with a pride of Lions known as the Starnova pride. When she was thirteen, she was sent to Battleon to learn how to be a warrior and also because a Liger prince was asking for her hand in marriage. Her parents did not approve of the marriage and neither did she.

When Crystal arrived in Battleon, she palled up with some like minded characters, forming 'The Young Adventurers'. The members of this group were Crystal herself, Hudzon Hawk, Skye Sharpe, Twilly, Lord of Ice and Megami. Although several new members joined as the years went by, these six were permanent members until Skye's death in 1579.

She married Guardian Patrick when she was 23 and he was 25. The bliss of marriage did not last long, but long enough to produce one daughter named Amber Lion. Pat was killed when Amber was two years old. Distraught, Crystal left Amber with her younger half sister, Shadow Lion, and left for Darkovia. During that time, she was involved in the life of Twilight the Moglin, who would kill Skye and inadvertently get revenge.

Crystal died at the age of 38 in the year 1594. However, the lineage of Lions didn't stop there, and new heros would come and go, in ages to come, a never ending cycle.


Crystal had the standard abilities of Lions, including the Earth Shattering Roar, which scares the heck out of the enemies. She had supernatural strength and a youthful face. She has black hair, black eyes and thick eyebrows. Her build is similar to a real lion's, both being muscular. Her voice is slightly scratchy and deep.


At first glance, Crystal appears to be a goth or emo character as her clothes are black in color. Her other favorite color is prussian blue. Many have made the fatal mistake of either mocking her furry heritage or courting her.

Legend of the Crystal Lion...

"They say that the youngest weakest children will never amount to anything amongst lions, but this runt, she will surpass all the strong cubs who have succeeded. She will surpass everyone before her and after her, when she is grown, her might knows no bounds."

This was a prophecy cast by Calote Lion, Crystal's grandmother. She saved Crystal from being killed by her father. When Crystal was bullied by the other Lions just for being young, she took the child under her wing. The prophecy did come true, and even Purpure has trouble surpassing Crystal. But then Pur is only part Lion and mostly a prostitute...

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