During this, ctg was an Admin for the Halo Bombshelter. He made many of the rules and threads that are now in the Information Board. There was also a board for game awards for specific game consoles and genres. It was going smoothly and he was just as loose with the rules as the other Admins and Mods; gave warnings or let something pass when appropiate.

Then eventually, ctg became more strict with the rules all of a sudden, especially when someone made him angry. He deleted posts that were against what he thought and/ or if they proved him wrong in whatever matter it was in.

After making a topic about rap, Dejkha entered it and posted something that seemed it was sarcistic and making fun of the topic. Ctg deleted the post, and Dejkhs responded by asking why he did that. Ctg deleted that as well, and the same pattern continued, and with every post Dejkha made he got a 25% warning. He did it until he was banned for a day, making Dejkha one of the few banned Bombshelter members ever.

Dejkha made an alt and explain his situation to Dr Death feeling it was unjust. Once ctg heard about the alternate account, he made it against the rules to make an alt when banned for a day or else that one day made would be permanent. After Dejkha was unbanned, he and ctg worked everything out and it was supposedly a misunderstanding.

Later, more and more people started to have complaints about ctg deleting their posts; more specifically, sorcererking. Ctg and sorcerer were in an argument and when sorcerer made post about ctg abusing his powers and what he has been doing, the post was deleted. Sorcerer claimed that he did not deleted the post. Ctg also told everyone he didnt delete the post and was outraged that everyone accused him. Later it was proven that ctg did delete sorcerers post, but ctg said he must've "accidently" did it.

After getting so much crap from the other users, ctg deleted his account and left the Bombshelter and said he wont be coming back. After some convincing, he did return, but he would only be a Global Moderator.

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