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Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) is a Computer and video games-related webcomic and animated series written by Tim Buckley. The name of the comic refers to computing's most common three-finger salute, which on Windows systems is Control-Alt-Delete. CAD's tagline is "Tragically l337", a nod to The Tragically Hip. It premiered on October 23 2002, and is currently updated every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The strip features a pair of gamers, Ethan and Lucas, as the main characters; as well as a Linux user, Scott, and a female gamer, Lilah. Most of the humor in the comic concerns video games, but some is also bred of violence, with more still coming from the strip's randomness. As the comic has progressed, the comic has focused a lot more on long story arcs, which serve to add a sense of continuity and introduce new plot elements, instead of smaller one-comic gags (which still appear regularly, but generally aren't related to the main characters).

There are several in-jokes, the most notable concerning arrows. There are several strips in which Ethan is killed (or at least gravely injured) by arrows shot from out of frame ([1], [2]), a gag taken from The Kentucky Fried Movie. Another strip shows Ethan as he is catching the arrow, and having an elephant fall on him.([3]) Ironically, the February 28 2003 strip [4] turned the tables, with Ethan shooting an arrow at and killing Buckley, who was present in the comic to discuss the fact that he had drawn 100 Ctrl+Alt+Del strips.

Ctrl+Alt+Del also features a self-created post-New Year's holiday dubbed "Winter-een-mas". Buckley has detailed the holiday: the season lasts all of January, much like the Christmas season, but the actual holiday itself is January 25 to January 31. It was created as a holiday for all things concerning gamers or gaming. Little is told about its traditions, however there are several spirits which represent the different genres of gaming (such as fighting or real-time strategy) who fly around the world on Winter-een-mas Eve in a giant ethereal gamepad [5]. Every year at Winter-een-mas, Ethan had donned a crown and proclaimed himself king.

CAD Premium

In late 2005, CAD Premium was announced. For a monthly or yearly fee, fans are able to access exclusive "members only" content, such as wallpapers and strips, as well as the flagship of CAD Premium; Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series, which made its debut on February 2006.

While CAD Premium will be a subscription-based service, Buckley has made it clear that the comic will remain free, and that although the episodes will come to High Definition DVD, they will be offered at a discount to subscribers..

Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series

An animated series based on the comic strip was announced to the public in November 2005 and aired its first episode on February 1 2006. It is produced and distributed by Blind Ferret Entertainment. Rather than animating existing strips, Buckley has opted to create new storylines for the animated series. This means that the comic strip and comic episodes will not have intersecting storylines, so a viewer will not need to see the animation to understand the comic's plot. Viewers are required to pay a fee to join "CAD Premium" to be able to view these cartoons. It costs $29.95 a year or $2.95 per month. Episodes will be released at the beginning of each month.


  • The 460 pre-order Collector's Editions Hard Cover Volumes 1 and 2 sold out within 24 hours after technical difficulties with Canada Post.

Insert Coin: Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One

  • In early 2004, Buckley announced plans for a collection book of approximately the first year of strips from CAD. The book, which contains the first 150 strips, features added commentary below every comic, along with several pages of bonus material exclusive to the book.
  • ISBN 0976467801

Press Start: Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume Two

  • In June 2005, pre-orders for volume two were announced.
  • It is a collection book with 150 CAD strips continuing where Volume One (see above) left off, also including commentary below every comic and bonus material exclusive to the book.
  • ISBN 097646781X

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