Welcome to Cube World Wikipedia! Cube World is an interactive toy made by a company called 'Radica' A single cube world consists of: 3 buttons, The screen and the cube itself.

• What do you do with a Cube World?

You control a little stickman living inside the cube (His house). You can play games, annoy your stickman, watch the many animations the stickman has to offer and connect it up with other cubes to make a CUBE WORLD.

• How do you control a Cube World?

There are many ways of controlling your stickman. Pressing the 3 buttons, Shaking the cube and rotating the cube.

• The buttons: (Left button): When in single mode, the button controls gaming on the cube, Moving left mostly. Also the button can affect the stickmans actions.

(Middle button): Brings up the game in single mode also can be used as game controls.

(Right button): Game controls, CAN bring up high score and volume control.

• If you rotate the cube: Left or right the gravity will change in the cube, due to the motion sensors. (If the stickman is standing on the ground near the buttons and you rotate it 90 degrees the stickman will fall to the ground)

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