• Connor as Kermit
  • Mong as Fozzie 
  • Abbie as Miss Piggy
  • Chip as Scooter
  • Dr. K as Crazy Harry
  • Cubix as 80's Robot
  • Raska as Zondra
  • Charles as Uncle Deadly 
  • Professor Nemo as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
  • Graham as Gonzo (Graham and Gonzo both have names that begin with G)
  • Lectrix as Animal
  • Hela Nemo as Janice
  • Dondon as Dr. Teeth (Dondon and Dr. Teeth both have names that begin with D)
  • Attractix as Floyd Pepper
  • Cerebix as Zoot 
  • Maximix as Lips 

Voice Cast 

  • Steve Whitmire - Connor, Maximix
  • Eric Jacobson - Mong, Abbie, Lectrix
  • Dave Goelz - Professor Nemo, Graham, Cerebix
  • David Rudman - Chip, Hela Nemo
  • Matt Vogel - Dr. K, Cubix, Charles, Attractix
  • Bill Baretta - Dondon 
  • Julianne Buescher - Raska 

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