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  • Connor as Taran
  • Abby as Princess Eilonwy (Princess Eilonwy's Voice Suits Abby)
  • Graham as Dallben
  • Professor Nemo as Fflewddur Fflam
  • Dondon as Gurgi
  • Attractix as King Eidilleg
  • Mong as Doli
  • Hela Nemo as Orddu
  • Nurse Joy (from Pokemon) as Orwen
  • Officer Jenny (from Pokemon) as Orgoch
  • Charles as Creeper
  • Dr. K as The Horned King

Voice Cast

  • Grant Bardsley - Connor
  • Susan Sheridan - Abby
  • Freddie Jones - Graham
  • Nigel Hawthorne - Professor Nemo
  • John Byner - Dondon and Mong
  • Arthur Malet - Attractix
  • Phil Fondacaro - Charles
  • John Hurt - Dr. K

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