An illustration of Culdee from The Railway Series book, Mountain Engines

Culdee is a fictonal character in The Railway Series. He worked on the Culdee Fell Railway, as the #4 engine. He relies on his rear face to see what goes on behind him, and gives out friendly advice to his friends. During his visit to the Skarloey Railway, he told the Skarloey Railway Engines the stories of his past adventures. He was soon returned to service at the Culdee Fell Railway, where he met Lord Harry, who later helped him and his coach, Catherine up the mountain during a storm.


  • Ertl Model
  • Thomas Wooden Railway Models
  • Take-along Model

Counterparts (Thomas Version)Edit

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Counterparts (Mountain Engines Version)Edit

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Culdee is based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's Snowdon.