Culdee Raymihnn Fell, known as Culdee Fell or Culdee was a mountain engine from the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway,

Born/Day of Life: September 28, 1953

Death: June 15, 1998 (aged 45)


-Ricard Sixfinne was building Culdee since 1950 until 1953 he started to meet the Culdee Fell Mountains in October of 1953, Wilfred, Ernest and Godred where the first three engines, the Culdee Railway controller, Mr. Haussin was waiting Alaric, another engine borned in 1961

-Culdee helped a lot with Alaric, he was the most highest really useful engine on the Railway, since 1957 until 1995, he helped with the railway


-Between 1996 and 1997 Culdee rattled a lot, it's normal every engine rattle, so in 1997 he was attacked by six dangerous-robber men, they hit them from buffers to funnel, in August of 1997, He camed three times to the repair engine hospital, he was attacked by boiler suffering, so he again, again and again came to the repair hospital, he was absolutely bad

-In the 15th June of 1998, he was going to pick up lemonade for the stations of the railway, just when he was rolling up the Purple Mountain, he tried to stop, because he was going fast becuase of his boiler, at 8:57am, he stoped with no connection, his connection broked down, Mr. Haussin, the repair Doctor, the workmen and everyone camed to see him, so in June 17th, he was in the cementery, Wilfred, Alaric, Ernest and Godred camed to say him goodbye

-Until 2012, Culdee has his face broken down, 53% of the hole Sodor engines didn't know him until when he died

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