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  • Fireman Sam from Fireman Sam in 1987 as Captain hook from Peter pan
  • Elvis Criddlington from Fireman Sam in 1987 as Mr. Smee from Peter pan
  • Count Duckula from Count Duckula in 1988-1993 as J. Worthington foulfellow from Pinocchio
  • Inspector gadget from Inspector gadget in 1983 as Shere khan from The jungle book
  • Mr. Benn from Mr. Benn in 1971 as Kaa from The jungle book
  • Zordrak from The dreamstone in 1990 as The Horned King from The Black Cauldron
  • Huxley pig from Huxley pig in 1990 as Sykes from Oliver and company
  • Penny Crayon from Penny Crayon in 1989 as Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians
  • Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons in 1989 as Madame Medusa from The rescuers
  • Noddy from Noddy's Toyland Adventures in 1992 as the Evil Queen from Snow White
  • Tessie Bear from Noddy's Toyland Adventures in 1992 as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
  • Ermintrude from The magic roundabout in 1965 as Lady Tremaine from Cinderella
  • Marge Simpson from The Simpsons in 1989 as The Queen Of Hearts
  • Dinah Doll from Noddy's Toyland Adventures in 1992 as Ursula from The Little Mermaid
  • Fenella from Chorlton and The Wheelies in 1976 as Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove
  • Zippy from Rainbow in 1972 as Edgar from The Aristocats
  • Sooty from Sooty in 1955 as Ratcliffe from Pocahontas
  • Texas Pete from Superted in 1982 as Jafar from Aladdin-Jafar died in The return of jafar.
  • The polka dot from The further adventures of superted in 1993 as Razoul from The return of jafar, Aladdin: The series and Aladdin and the king of thieves because Razoul is the evil captain of the guards and wants to kill aladdin for the murder of the sultan. He calls him the street rat. He is voiced by Jim cummings.
  • Florence from The Magic Roundabout in 1965 as Madame mim from The sword in the stone
  • Superted from Superted in 1982 as Forte from Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
  • Baron greenback from Dangermouse in 1981 as McLeach from The rescuers down under
  • Mr. Curry from Paddington bear in 1975 as Mozenrath from Aladdin: The series
  • The cannon from The magic roundabout in maybe the 70's as Sa'luk from Aladdin and the king of thieves
  • Olly from Dive, Olly Dive! in 2009 as Chernabog from Fantasia because Chernabog is an evil gargoyle is Fantasia. He wants to get rid of all his minions.
  • Babar from Babar in 1981 as The Ringmaster from Dumbo because The Ringmaster is a very tempered human. He wants to lock up Mrs. Jumbo in a cage and calls his guards.

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  • Audio: Disney

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