Cult Thomas Episodes is a Series it began in 1982 and It is narrated by Ringo Starr and Micheal Angelis in 90's and 00's.


Season 1 (1982)

  • Diesel plays a trick on Diesel 10
  • Duck and the Old Iron
  • The Chinese Dragon's Sad Story
  • Diesel's Train
  • Diesel gets pushed by the NG Coaches
  • Diesel Helps Duck
  • Duck Learns a Lesson
  • Dodge leaves his guard behind
  • Diesel Goes Fishing
  • James Arrives on Sodor
  • James Runs Away
  • Harold the Helicopter
  • Diesel in Trouble
  • Duck in a Mess
  • Diesel 10 Takes A Dip
  • Diesel's Christmas Party

Season 2 (1984)

  • Diesel, James and the Trouble with Coal
  • The Chinese Dragon's Sneeze
  • Diesel 10 and The Chinese Dragon see the Cows
  • Duck and the Old Iron Again
  • Diesel and Jack have a Race
  • Jack's Chase
  • Bill and Ben Take Charge
  • Trevor the Traction Engine
  • Pop Goes the New Diesel
  • Dirty Work for Bill, Ben and The New Diesel
  • A Close Shave for Bill and Ben
  • Diesel and Toad
  • and more

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