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Cult classics dvd idea is a fan-fiction thing for making.

Dangermouse and other cult classics

  • Superted goes to texas in 1982
  • Superted and the great horrendo in 1986
  • Dangermouse-Rogue robots in 1981
  • Dangermouse-Trip To America in 1982
  • Johnny bravo-Cookie Crisis in 1997
  • Albert the Fifth Muskateer-The Gold Coach in 1993
  • Count duckula-Bombay Duck in 1990
  • Funnybones-Skeleton Crew in 1992
  • Rugrats-Angelicon in 2001
  • Paddington bear-A bear in hot water in 1975
  • Rainbow-Outer Space in 1988
  • The animals of fathing wood-Through Fire And Through Water in 1993

I hope The dangermouse and other cult classics dvd will be out in 2010 and I hope Dangermouse and other cult classics will be on the tempo tv classics dvd.

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