• The original adventures of superted-Trouble in space in 1982 video Superted is the 80's vintage classic cartoon. It first came out on S4C in 1982. It won a BAFTA in 1987. In 1984, Walt disney home video released all 36 superted episodes on six videocassets. In 1989, Hanna-Barbera made the further adventures of superted

  • Dennis the Menace (1986 TV series) video Dennis the menace is the 80's classic cartoon.
  • Action Force in the 80's video Action force is the 80's classic cartoon.
  • Inspector Gadget in 1983 video Inspector gadget is the 80's classic cartoon.
  • Jem in 1985 video Jem is the 80's classic cartoon.
  • Transformers in 1986 video Transformers is the 80's classic cartoon.
  • The Herbs-Parsley's Birthday Party The herbs is the 60's vintage cult classic. It was a BBC TV series for young children. It was written by Michael Bond (creator of Paddington Bear), produced by Ivor Wood using 3D stop motion model animation and first transmitted from 12 February 1968 in the BBC1 Watch with Mother timeslot.

There were 13 episodes in the series, each one 15 minutes long.

A spin-off series entitled The Adventures of Parsley was transmitted from 6 April 1970 in the 5-minute period between the end of children's TV and the BBC Evening News.

The Herbs consisted of a fantasy mix of human and animal characters inhabiting the magical walled garden of a country estate. At the beginning of each episode, the narrator spoke the magic word, "Herbidacious", which caused the garden gate to open.

As with The Magic Roundabout, the sophisticated writing style and narrative delivery of The Herbs meant that the appeal was somewhat broader than was originally intended, and much of Parsley's droll humour undoubtedly went over the heads of the age group that was its main target. Consequently, it still retains something of a cult status among those who watched it when it was first broadcast.


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