Cult programmes are brilliant. They are: Captain pugwash in 1957-1975, Ivor the engine in 1959-1975, Noggin the nog in 1959-1982, Pingwings in 1961-1964, The pink panther in 1964-1980 Hector's house in 1965-1969 The magic roundabout in 1965-1991, The pogles and pogles wood in 1965-1968, Camberwick green in 1966, Joe in 1966-1971, Trumpton in 1967, The herbs in 1968, Chigley in 1968, Scooby doo in 1969-1985, The clangers in 1969-1974, Mary mungo and midge in 1969, The adventures of parsley in 1970, Mr benn in 1971, The adventures of sir prancelot in 1971-1972, Crystal tipps and alistair in 1972, The magic ball in 1971, Larry the lamb in 1972-1974, Rainbow in 1972, The wombles in 1973-1975, Bagpus in 1974, Manfred in 1973-1974, The mr men in 1974-1976, Noah and nelly in skylark in 1974, Roobarb in 1974, Simon in the land of chalk drawings in 1974, Bod in 1975, Noddy in 1975, Cosgrove hall's Chorlton and the wheelies in 1976-1979, Fred basset in 1976, Jaimie and the magic torch in 1976-1978, Little blue in 1976, The flumps in 1976, Ludmig in 1977, Skip and fuffy in 1977, The gublin legends in 1979, The perishes in 1979, The ark stories in 1981, Hattytown tales in 1980, Postman pat series 1 in 1981, Cosgrove hall's Dangermouse in 1981-1992, Pigeon street in 1981, Willo the wisp in 1981, Superted in 1982-1986, Towser in 1982, Alvin and the chipmunks in 1983-1991, The adventures of portland bill in 1983, Aubrey in 1983, Bananaman in 1983-1986, Gran in 1982, Henry's cat in 1983-1984, Little miss in 1983, Moschops in 1983, Rocky hollow in 1983, Victor and maria in 1983, Thomas the tank engine and friends in 1984-2003, The blunders in 1984, The family ness in 1983, James the cat in 1984, Murun buchstansangur in 1984, The trapdoor in 1984, Bertha in 1985, King rollow in 1980, Jimbo the jet set in 1986, The pondles in 1986, The telebugs in 1985-1987, Bill the minder in 1987, The sooty show in 1987, Cosgrove hall's Alias the jester in 1986, Fireman sam in 1987-1994, Charlie chalk in 1987, Edward and friends in 1987, The raggy dolls in 1986-1992, The ratties in 1987, The shoe people in 1987-1988, Wimpole village in 1987, Garfield and friends in 1988-1994, Barney in 1988, Cosgrove hall's Count duckula in 1988-1993, Stoppit and tidyup in 1988, Broomstick cottage in 1989, Bangers and mash in 1989, Huxley pig in 1989, The little green man in 1989, Penny crayon in 1989, Nellie the elephant in 1989-1990, The dreamstone in 1990-1995, Astro farm in 1992, The gingerbread man in 1992 And noddy's toyland adventures in 1992-1999.

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