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Curious George

VHS/DVD Released

  • November/December 2007

Scene Selections

  1. Opening Titles/Upside Down
  2. George Founds a Bed
  3. Struggle for Survival
  4. Mr. Bloosberry and Junior
  5. An Ancident Idol
  6. Ted's Yellow Suit
  7. They Look for the Idol Monkey
  8. A Sandwich and a Hat
  9. A Size Issue
  10. Talk of the Town
  11. Lost in the City
  12. George's Hotel Business
  13. Caught Red-Hand
  14. Our Hero
  15. Ted mades a Movie Film
  16. The Dinosaur Statue Fells into Pieces
  17. Animal Control on the Telephone
  18. Bedtime at the Park
  19. Under the Stars
  20. Green Lights on our Tounges
  21. At the Zoo
  22. Big Idea
  23. Jungle Gym
  24. Closed Forever
  25. George is Gone
  26. Back to Afirca
  27. The Next Adventure
  28. End Titles

DVD Game

  • Paint Like George
  • Where's George
  • A Very Curious Car
  • Read with Your Child
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Music Video - Upside Down
  • Where's George
  • Banana Hunt
  • DVD-Rom


  • Spoken Languages
  • Subtitles
  • THX-Certified

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