Welcome to the Curwikulum Project. This site is designed for the development of an international school curriculum K-12 that culminates with college preparatory programs based upon Advanced Placement, A-Level and IB Diploma Progams.

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Co-Curricular Activities for International Schools

Below are links to pages for co-curricular events/activities to inspire excellence in social, emotional, physical and academic development for students K-12. Co-curricular events involve parents, students and educators and are strategically placed on the school calendar to promote core values and academic success throughout the school year.

Core Values for International Schools

All international schools base their curriculum on core values and beliefs. Please add to values lists on maps below.

Welcome to this professional resource for K-12 educators

The Curwikulum Wiki Project is designed to be a resource for international schools and teachers to develop an international school curriculum based upon universal values and principles. This is a trade-a-map website so please help us to grow by contributing. See the To Do page for ideas. It really is easy to help once you get started!

How to use the site

  1. You can access maps by following the links above in the Co-Curricular Activities and Core Values columns. From either column, you are no more than six clicks away from any map. This is a good way to explore the site.
  2. You can use the extensive search capabilities of the site by entering a term into the search box in the left side bar.
  3. You can browse through various categories and subcategories.


We aim to provide an up-to-date, authoritative statement of knowledge, theory, and practice in the whole field of education. The site is written to serve both staff and students of our academic community, to inform professional educators, both in training and in the classroom, and to provide information for students and their families.

By using the latest collaborative editing software we have built a new kind of knowledge structure for curriculum development that can be shaped and maintained, to the highest academic standards, by our profession as a whole.

We aim for factual accuracy and all curriculum maps should be properly referenced. We also aim to be a forum for ideas, so on each discussion page we encourage sharing of opinions using Essential Agreements for posting and editing Curwikulum maps and participating in discussions.

What is it? How do I use it? How do I contribute?- orientation and help

For newcomers our orientation section and help section should ease you into the site. If you were looking for it, here is an introduction to curriculum mapping.

Additional introductory information is available now.

For an even fuller introductory experience go to the Curwikulum Wiki Community Portal.

Latest featured article

This was shared with the Curwikulum Wiki Project by Jeff Wornstaff: 21rst Century Schools

Please feel free to add internal or external links to curriculum maps, and/or improve maps if you can.


The Curwikulum Project Wiki and its founders make no money from this site. It is an entirely voluntary operation, deseminating copyright free international curriculum framework. Our goal is to share and build a world class internatioanl curriculum through a collaboration of academics and educators for use in improving student learning.

The Google advertisements to the right hand pane on your screen are part of the business funding model of Wikia Inc.. As a new form of publisher, they host the wiki, providing the technical facilities, bandwidth, storage, backup and technical support for the site for free. Their declared intention is to do this in perpetuity, the company making its profit via the advertisments. Wikia was set up by the founders of Wikipedia as another approach to making knowlege available, without cost to contributors or readers.

Useful Curriculum Links

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