Applebloom (Konner Rose)

Sweetie Belle (Sebrina Jones)

Scootaloo (John M Spewer)

Mordecai (Larry McSouilt)

Rigby (Tim Davis)

Benson (Jerry J Palywill)

Skips (Jim Sparwer

Muscle Man (Will Spinner)

Pops (Joe Willpick)

Spongebob (Steven Stoner)

Patrick (London Chino)

Thomas (Will Mark)



Teletoon Original Production

Camera Fame Productions

Marathon Animation

Citv Studios

Disney XD Original Production

United States: Disney XD

Canada: Teletoon, Disney XD

UK And Ireland: Citv, Cartoon Network, Nicktoons

French: Canal J, Channel 5, Nickelodeon, Gulli

Austraila: Network Ten, Nickelodeon, Disney XD

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