The CyberEmpire is a sort of robotics civilization, based on the destruction and assimilation of the cultures it destroys via battle. It has rarely been defeated and still most of its technologies are still clouded in mystery.


The CyberEmpire first starts with two GatherBots and five V1A Edition villagers. These villagers are very tough and can survive multiple raids. More are created but with the expensive price tag of 140 titanus and 10 rodinite cast. There are four types of villagers, V1A, GatherBots, V2, and V3s. V1A's gather rate is clocked at 5 units of resources per second. V2 has twice that, and V3 has twice the gather rate of V2. GatherBots, on the other hand, cannot be created regularly, and need to be sent via card. These have a good 25 units per second, and are most indefinitely the prime economic targets of their civilization.

Once resource factories have created in the third Faction, this civilization is very hard to destroy. These factories generate 30 units of a resource and only two may be built per each resource needed. One minute of gameplay for the CyberEmpire generates 1800 resources from that factory alone.

Economic Upgrades

CyberEmpire economic upgrades only have three different Faction editions:

Rodinite: Fusion, SuperFusion, Delta Particle Fusion. Titanus: Fusion, SuperFusion, Delta Particle Fusion. Tritanium: Fusion, SuperFusion, Delta Particle Fusion. Titanium: Superheat, Magma Smelting, Heavy Metal. Common Metal: Superheat, Blast Furnace, Metallurgy. Energy Core Synthesization: Energize, SuperEnergize, ECore Synth. Tritium: Fission, SuperFission, CyberFission.

...Which all increase work rate and gather rates by 33.33% each and in total increase the villager work rate and gather rate by 99.99% per resource.



The CyberInfantry can indefinitely crush most of the enemies it comes in contact with. It does, however have some weaknesses.

The CyberMilitary is the most powerful war machine and the most hard to defeat machine recorded. Once raised, the army will can easily step on other forces. The CyberInfantry and CyberCavalry armours do resemble Clone armor from "Star Wars" and has been so noted on many different occasions. Infantry are issued V22s, special assault weapons similar in concept to railguns but subject to speculation. They are issued HE and standard grenades, and arm cannons. These foldaway cannons are secondary weapons and even when the guns are knocked out of their hands, the cannons automatically turn on and can fire 20mm DU shells or small 20mm free-flight thin rockets. Against human enemies, the Infantry are almost impossible to destroy.


The white-gray polished armour is a rodinite alloy capable of deflecting .50 calibre rounds with little to no trauma. Against lasers, it can absorb about 67% damage but cannot fully deflect a laser bolt. It has four layers of protection: a black body glove, V9 polymer suit, a black tritanium alloy suit (thin) which shows through the rodinite alloy suit.

Types of Units

There are a few known types of units, which are: Grenadier, Sharpshooter, Infantry, Vanguard, Engineer, Technician, Cavalry, Cavalier, Mounted Scout, Scout, Reconnaisance, Assault, Spec Assault/Ops, Minelayer, Pilot, Co-Pilot, Krytron Trooper, Propulsion Assault (Jetpack Trooper), Commander, BioX Dispenser, Drone, Drone Assault, Drone Sniper, Drone VGuard, Drone Engineer, CyberBorg, Radiation Dispenser, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Bombardier (Cavalry), and Hybrid Alpha Bots.

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