A rough of the CyberGrenadier preparing to hurl a bomb.

The CyberGrenadier is a unit that hurls an irregular, medium-sized, handheld spherical bomb at an enemy. The bomb weighs 12 kg, and has an area effect radius, especially when HE and HEFRAG type bombs are used. These units have a very good siege attack, and when in groups of 5-10, can defeat large portions of infantry in tight formation or are in clusters. When upgraded to its final edition, the Elite CyberGrenadier can indefinitely eliminate heavily armoured targets.


The grenadier hurls three types of bombs, HE, HEFRAG, and HEFIRE. Though all have an area effect, the HEFIRE bomb does the most damage, essentially being a napalm grenade. In addition to a high-power explosion, napalm jelly and errant flames stick to and spread around the target(s).


The bombs are activated first by a single spike in the grenadier's hand, much like a key, so that no other unit may use the grenade. Then the grenadier must push on the bomb so that it depressurizes. That releases an extra amount of sulfuric acid (meant as a protective substance for use if the enemy receives the bomb), and the energy core on the surface of the bomb should activate and illuminate. Otherwise, this means the bomb is inactive or has been difused. If the opener is non-CyberBot, the sulfuric acid will burn if the wearer is not using EOD gloves or some other acid resistant material.


Because it is slow to attack, the CyberGrenadier is open to heavy fire during the three second window of oppotunity before the unit unleashes its devastating attack. This can be countered with the 'cascade effect', where there are a three or a factor of three grenadiers. During a three grenadier cascade effect, one has its grenade at ready, one has a one second wait, and the other has a two second wait. The first attacks, which lasts one second, then the other attacks, which is another second, adding up to be two seconds, and the third attacks, hence a cascade of bombs. The opponent does not have enough time to attack because after the third grenadier attacks, the first one is ready to launch another bomb and begin the cycle again.

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