Cyberchase/Pokemon is a parody series with Pokemon sounds and Cyberchase clips made by AnneFrankInitialDHero.


Version 1

  • Slider as Ash
  • Buzz as Pikachu
  • Lady Ada Lovelace as Misty 
  • Coop as Brock
  • Max as Tracey
  • Jackie as May
  • Dr. Marbles as Professor Oak
  • Motherboard as Delia
  • Matt as Buizel
  • Nero the Animal Hero as Harley
  • Inez as Dawn 
  • Digit as Max
  • Delete as Piplup
  • Creech as Buneary
  • Shari Spotter as Sabrina
  • Jules as Drew
  • Ledge as James
  • Wicked as Jessie
  • Baskerville as Meowth
  • Hacker as Giovanni

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