Matt as Jin Kazama/Devil Jin

Coop as Kazuya Mishima/Devil Kazuya

Hacker as Heihachi Mishima

Jackie as Ling Xiaoyu

Inez as Asuka Kazama

Creech as Jun Kazama/Unknown

Motherboard as Nina Williams

Max as Paul Phoenix

Sam Vander Rom as Craig Marduk

DJ Groovy as Miguel Caballero Rojo

Dr.Marbles as Eddy Gordo

Deke as Ganryu

Slider as Hwoarang

Ziff as Bob Richards

Shari Spotter as Christie Monteiro

Lady Ada Lovelace as Lili Rochefort

Delete as Lee Chaolan

Hector as Lars Alexandersson

Wanda as Alisa Bosconovitch

Binary as Julia Chang

Digit as Steve Fox

Jam Master as Raven

Warren Plotnick as Bruce Irving

Master Pi as Marshall Law

Nero The Animal Hero as Lei Wulong

Erica Ram as Michelle Chang

King Dudicus as King

Ledge as Bryan Fury

Punxie as Zafina

Widget as Yoshimitsu

Spout as Jinpachi Mishima

Zeus as Sergei Dragunov

Buzz as Feng Wei

Blanka (from Street Fighter) as Kuma

Jules as Leo Kliesen

Satan (from South Park) as Ogre/True Ogre

Wicked Witch as Jack 2 Girl

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