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We’ve all become immersed in this thing we call “cyberspace,” but what exactly is it, and how does it relate to films, literature, music, art, our every day experiences, who we vote for, or even our sexuality and gender? Scholars are already arguing about how cyberspace will change the way we read, write, research, and impact the future of education, as well as future academicians. Corporations, advertisers, and even nonprofits are fighting to buy huge bytes of the World Wide Web and cash in on our clicks, and governments are struggling to keep up with the www.worldwind. How exactly does cyberspace inform or reflect our contemporary culture? And what are the implications of cyberspace for the future? 

This wiki will explore all of these questions and more, as it tracks and highlights articles, key terms and figures, links to relevant websites and blogs, cyberethnography projects, and significant technological development.

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