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A cybernetic replacement was any biomechanical device used to replace body parts ranging from internal organs to limbs.

Cybernetic Types

Replacements: Replacements are prosthetic or artificial units intended to replace lost limbs and damaged organs. Common replacements provide no benefits other than duplicating the essential functions of their biological counterparts, and they present little strain on the beneficiary's overall wellbeing. In appearance, a cybernetic replacement can be recognizably artificial or virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
Enhancements: Enhancements bestow new abilities or improve the recipient in some fashion. Enhancements include skeletal reinforcement, subcutaneous communications hardware, and weapon mounts. Some enhancements have visible external components, while others are hidden beneath the skin. Enhancements put more of a drain on the body's resources, and recipients frequently suffer debilitating physical or mental side effects.

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