• Kuro as Sonic
  • Kotaro as Tails
  • Princess Mimi as Princess Elise
  • B.B Custom as Mecha Sonic
  • Mi as Shadow
  • Dr. Go as Dr. Eggman/Robotnik
  • Prince Malo as Silver
  • Nana as Amy
  • Kintaro as Snively
  • Kaguya as Breezie
  • YaYaYa aliens as Antoine
  • Tendou as Lord Eggman
  • Dr. White Woods as Iris
  • Romeo as Omega
  • Juilet as Sonia
  • Grandpa as Vector
  • Grandma as Vanilla
  • Megumi as Blaze
  • Dunk as Chris
  • Matatabi as Danny
  • Clovis (from Namco) as Jerome
  • Mappy (from Namco) as Sam Speed
  • Nuii (from Keroro Gunso) as Tails Doll
  • Fox as Rouge
  • Vice as Metal Sonic
  • Gurnee as Chuck Thorndyke
  • Aki Hianta (from Keroro) as Ella

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