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Many people believe that cyclists should wear helmets to protect themselves from head injury. Although these people have good intentions, most have not researched the facts about helmets.

How cycle helmets work.

Crashes helmets are designed to protect against

What happens when a helmet is used beyond its design specifications.

How much energy a helmet can absorb

How much energy the human skull can absorb

The kinetic energy of a cycle helmet

Risk Compensation.

Risk Compensation - The cyclist.

Risk Compensation - The motorist.

A study[1] by Dr Ian Walker[2] showed that motorists drive an average of 85mm closer to cyclists that wear helmets, than to those that do not wear helmets.

Seat belt legislation, a case study.

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Mandatory helmet laws.



Rotational Injuries

What are rotational injuries?

Rotational injuries vs. head on collisions.

Why cycle helmets contribute towards rotational injuries.

Myths about cycle helmets.

What about the claim that cycle helmets protect against 85% of head injuries?[3]


  2. Psychologist at the University of Bath.

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