Cydrak was a denizen of Metru Nui, shunned by his family and most others for failing to carry out his duties. He sailed off and found the chamber where the Toa were transformed to Nuva, gaining his own powers and a Nuva symbol. Traveling the world, he made his way to Terros Nui.


Cydrak came to Ta-Terros before any and joined the BoA/BoD with the Airforce under Airahkasha's command. He's got the lowest rank and wants to get promoted. He has yet to travel Terros Nui to learn of his new home.


Right now, Cydrak only wants to prove he's not a failure as his family saw him, being stronger, and with a clean slate. He would like to rise the ranks of the Airforce and is trying to do that currently.


Cydrak is slightly vicious and vengeful, all though currently questioning his potential.


Katana, Gravity, Kakama Nuva, Teleportation powers, and Flight.

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