is a main character in the manga series Saint Seiya, authored by renowned manga-ka, Masami Kurumada, and later adapted to anime. Hyoga is cold and calm by nature, which complements his abilities as a saint. He was the third of the five main protagonists to be introduced.One of the main characters in the series, Hyoga appears calm, collected, and unemotional. Beneath the surface, however, he is passionate and devoted to his ideals. As a Saint born under the Cygnus constellation, Hyoga is able to control and manipulate ice and snow as he pleases, as he mastered the basis of the technique of the Saints of ice, stop the atoms of matter by the power of their Cosmo.

By increasing his cosmos, Hyoga can freeze objects and people. In his fight against his master, Gold Saint Aquarius Camus, Hyoga awoke the 7th sense and used absolute zero air, being able even to freeze the Gold Cloths, surpassing his teacher. In the Hades Arc, Hyoga was able to use a variation of the Freezing Coffin of his teacher but it was not named.

The Cygnus Saint's favorite technique is Diamond Dust , a windy attack that blasts ice and snow at the opponent in a single, concentrated point. Hyoga has used this technique for other purposes, like creating a mirror that reflects certain attacks or performing this attack in the legs of the opponent.

Before learning Aurora Execution his most powerful technique is Holodnyj Smerč . It is the a technique that captures his Cosmo into a single tornado, of which is unleashed via an uppercut. It is a move that, is in essence, a more powerful variation of "Diamond Dust." The "Aurora Thunder Attack" clasps both of Hyoga's hands together as he expels snow and ice at the opponent.

Hyoga learns Aurora Execution directly from battling his master, Gold Saint Camus of the Aquarius. "Aurora Execution" is a Gold Saint level technique that enables the user to have control over absolute zero, a point where everything becomes frozen. "Aurora Execution" is similar to "Aurora Thunder Attack" in execution.

A minor technique Hyouga possesses is Kol'tso , with which he creates an ice ring that surrounds and paralyzes the opponent.

The Cygnus Cloth represents the constellation Cygnus, which is associated to various swans from Greek mythology, included Zeus, disguised as a swan to seduce Leda, and Orpheus, that was transformed into a swan after his murder. The Cygnus constellation is also known as the Northern Cross, and it's the reason why Kurumada made Hyoga always carry a cross and rosary with him. While it is not as durable as the shield found on the Dragon Cloth, nor does it contain regenerative abilities like the Phoenix Cloth, the Cygnus Cloth is nevertheless revered as a premiere Bronze Cloth. Being that it had been encased in a frozen iceberg years prior, it naturally absorbed the Arctic properties of its surroundings. Thus, it is quite the feat for one to completely shatter it. Phoenix Ikki comments that it also had a "frost armor" effect, when he fought Hyoga and smashed a hole on Hyoga's chest guard, he felt his right wrist freeze.

The Bronze Cloth of Cygnus constantly evolves to expand its durability and power. In both the manga and the anime, it changes shape a total of three times:

  • When it is revived with the blood of Gold Saint Milo of the Scorpio Constellation.
  • When the fresh blood of Athena regenerates an otherwise unrepairable Cloth.
  • When Hyoga is able to heighten his cosmos to evolve the shattered Cygnus Cloth to God Cloth level in the fight against Hypnos, the god of Sleep.After the war against Sanctuary had passed, Hyoga obtained the privilege to wear his master's Aquarius Gold Cloth during times of extreme crisis. He, along with Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu, don Gold Cloths in the final confrontation against Poseidon. Later in the Hades arc, Hyoga dons the Aquarius Gold Cloth once more when the five Bronze Saints battle Thanatos, the god of Death.

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