General Information

General Information

Character Name: Cynthia Blackwater

Character Nicknames or Titles: None, though technically she has inherited the title captain from her older brother

Screen Name of Author: Marshwiggle

Character Information

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Hair/Eye Colors: Wavy, faded, red hair that is down to her shoulders, Left eye hazel, Right eye ruined by eye injury: slightly whitish, blue color

Weight/Height: 152 (5 pounds added by cyborg left leg), 5’7"

Distinct Markings: Scar in arc through right eyebrow and eye to right above her cheekbone, robotic left leg

Clothes and Other Accessories: Faded white tunic beneath worn leather vest and belt, dark leather breeches and boots, Leather hat with white feather, blue bandanna, Several strings of beaded hair (think toned down Jack Sparrow hair)

Weapons: Large Blaster, small blaster, knives (stored in left leg)

Armor: None

Residence: None right now

Occupation: Space Pirate

Mode of Transportation: Spaceship/ on land: Feet

Overall Personality: playful, distrustful of almost everyone, smart, thought by many crew members to be too lenient on people they attack, she has become increasingly moral of late to her distress

Personality Flaws: cleptomaniac (Pirate!), for a pirate usually too merciful Hobbies: Pilfering, Plundering, Pillaging etc. Right now she is often adventuring with the Dittotopians

Likes/Dislikes: Stealing shiny stuff, Doing daredevil stunts, Teasing Bloody Bill about his weight/ Being beaten in a fair fight, Attention brought to her fake leg, the Dittotopian navy, Bloody Bill

Long-term Goals: None, she’s pretty short-term in thinking unless it involves a new scheme to raid/pillage etc, Recently she was offered a position in starting up a Taelo space navy but she has yet to decide if that is something she wants to do

Skills: Stealing, Excellent shot both with her blaster and at throwing knives, An extraordinary skill for making excuses and getting herself out of trouble, decent at playing cards

Family: Johnny Gin (her brother, now deceased), Red Audra (her niece, now somewhere on Dittotopia),

Friends: Audra, Vendy (Vendreho), Luma

Enemies: Dittotopian navy, competing pirates

Short History

She was employed as a pirate aboard her brother's spacecraft for several years. Recently, in a plan gone awry, her brother was captured by police in Ditto Monstropolis and was executed. Audra and Cynthia saw this after narrowly escaping a mutiny on their pirate ship. Though Johnny left clear instructions that Cynthia should be the next captain the crew (mainly Bloody Bill) did not agree.

After the Undetto plot, Cynthia joined the Dittotpians in their adventures. Her niece opted to stay in Monstropolis to help out the people who had been devastated by the fall of "The Boss" and consequently their undercity. Cynthia recently took an Undetto vial with the power to help control powers. She feels slightly guilty about it, but her desire for profit has overidden that feeling. After being captured by the Black Flame during their recent attack on Ditto Town, she relinquished information and betrayed the Dittotopians.

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