Dungeons & Dragons Character
† {{{image}}}
† {{{caption}}}
Homeland Unknown
Gender Unknown
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Class Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Universe Unknown

This template is for use in any article about a Dungeons & Dragons character. The image and caption parameters are optional, if left undefined they will not appear. All other parameters will appear as unknown by default. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

Add wiki links to articles on homeland, and universe if available and to the appropriate section of the alignment article as shown.


{{D&D character
|alignment=[[Alignment (Dungeons & Dragons)#alignment|alignment]]

Two additional optional parameters exist to enable changing of the background and foreground colours in the name part of the infobox, the default is white text on a black background.


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