D.W. Read is a character from Arthur. She is Arthur's little sister.


  1. D.W. Read/Thomas
  2. D.W. Read/TUGS
  3. D.W. Read/The Little Engine That Could
  4. D.W. Read/Shining Time Station
  5. D.W. Read/Winnie the Pooh
  6. D.W. Read/Mario
  7. D.W. Read/Sonic
  8. D.W. Read/Garfield
  9. D.W. Read/The Simpsons
  10. D.W. Read/Family Guy
  11. D.W. Read/Arthur
  12. D.W. Read/Dr. Seuss
  13. D.W. Read/The Brave Little Toaster
  14. D.W. Read/Rugrats
  15. D.W. Read/Pokemon
  16. D.W. Read/Kirby
  17. D.W. Read/Barney
  18. D.W. Read/Sesame Street
  19. D.W. Read/Muppets
  20. D.W. Read/Cyberchase
  21. D.W. Read/Wild Kratts
  22. D.W. Read/Zoboomafoo
  23. D.W. Read/The Great Mouse Detective
  24. D.W. Read/Spongebob
  25. D.W. Read/The Berenstain Bears
  26. D.W. Read/Dragon Tales
  27. D.W. Read/The Lion King
  28. D.W. Read/Hercules
  29. D.W. Read/Clifford the Big Red Dog
  30. D.W. Read/The Legendary Starfy

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Counterparts (Hero Version)

Counterparts (Boy Version)

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