There are many ways to level. What we are focus on are those ways that do it fast....

(if theres a quick was and an easy way.. we'll always go for the quick way )


Rough guide

Where to Level and at what Levels to do so

Lvl 1-3: find a busy game such as a baal game, and run through the blood moor killing as you go along. alternatively, take an enchant game and get further into the field to take these levels

Lvl 3-12: public tristram runs are a great way to take these levels. some guides may say to stop here at 15, but from our experience, 12 seems to be a suitable level

Lvl 12-14: when you've hit 12, get a friend or a game to kill andariel. port into the catacombs level 2, and kill your way through until you come to her highness. in a busy game you may take 1-2 levels just on your way down

Lvl 12-15: public sewers games are the way to go here. that, or take a party and fight your way through act 2. at level 14 i was taking great experience in the maggot lair in an act 2 game

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