DATR meaning "Dib and Tak romance" was made after the episode "Tak: The Hideous New Girl".

Near the beginning of the episode Tak is seen sitting on a fence in Skool along with Dib, who offers her a Valentine Meat Slab (A thing that has become traditional for Valentines day in the Invader Zim world) but she denies it, which is due to meat having a reaction the Irken skin causing themto burn or somtines even fuse to their skin.

Later in the epsiode were Zim appears at Dib's house telling him about how Tak is Irken and after his mission.Dib


"Aw, c'mon, I like Tak! And she hates you. You're just jealous-"

Before Zim cutting him off exclaiming;

"This has nothing to do with jelly!"

Dib also appears quite shy around Tak after she confronts him and Gaz in the "Giant Evil Weenie" stand she will eb using as a magma pump later on in the episode.

Tak's SIR unit Mimi (disguised as a cat but upon transforming into a robot) does not hesitate in targeting Dib first proceeding to throw him down into the pipes.

It seemed to be implied that Dib liked Tak before he found out she was acutally Irken, but his feeling for her now are unknown.

Dib keeps Tak's ship in his garage after it crashed into his back lawn, using it to translate Irken and other things to help him stop Zim.

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