Report errors with the newsletter / extracted events


  • Reconstruct every event inferred, even on old dbworld messages that have gone away. This is done by accessing the revision of each surface web file at the last time it was crawled.
  • Then, change the event finding module to first access the previous output file. This is done by passing in an '@' in the config (see other modules that do this to see how to access previous output files). Then, scan through the old file, see what mentions already exists. Then, in the current mention file, copy over old mentions and their events, and infer events from only new mentions.

Event errors / issues

  • handle dbworld messages that disappear (make events from mentions with no file carry over from previous day)
  • fix daniel weld on dblife (conf service)
  • fix annotation linke, the highlighting is off sometimes (e.g.
  • make sure demo pc is found (e.g. Sunita Sarawagi for ICDE 06)
  • alon halevy - should be pc of cidr 07
  • make session chair tighter (alon is session chair of sigmod 05 but for wrong mention)
  • dblife is missing sigmod 03 website
  • mehul shah should be demo pc, not pc, of sigmod 06
  • Everyone is org. committee on this page (e.g. Jian Pei)
  • everyone is missing from cikm 06 pc (kevin chang)
  • Kevin Chang wrong pc:
  • everyone is pc on cikm 04
  • icde 07 accepted papers missing
  • .... <above is after weaking label finder for html pages to find more labels based on keywords> ....
  • Refine call for papers explanation. Note especially "extended deadline" and "last call for papers" announcements
  • Alon Halevy not chair of SIGMOD 04
  • Alon Halevy gave talk at PODS 2006, not SIGMOD 2006
  • Magdalena Balazinska not giving tutorial at SIGMOD 2006
  • Dan Suciu is PC member of WebDB 2006 (missed extracting conference abbreviation on dbworld message
  • Philip Bernstein not on panel in VLDB 2005
  • Jennifer Widom not tutorials chair in SIGMOD 04
  • Jayavel Shanmugasundaram is Demos PC Member, not PC Member
  • Raghu, Divesh Srivastave, etc. not an additional reviewer at WWW 05
  • Shivnath Babu not session chair of SIGMOD 2005
  • Clement Yu is General Chair, not Organization Chair of SIGMOD 2006
  • Should distinguish between chairs and co-chairs (perhaps not important?)
  • Try to separate out PODS and SIGMOD events
  • (mostly fixed, still some errors) If a workshop is collocated or affiliated with a conference, be sure to extract the workshop, not conference
  • David DeWitt gives invited talk at SIGMOD 06
  • Alon Halevy not PC Chair of SIGMOD 06
  • Raghu didn't give tutorial at VLDB 05
  • Daniela Florescu not chair of SIGMOD 06
  • Dan Suciu missing tutorial for SIGMOD 05
  • Daniela Florescu is panel chair, not panelist, for ICDE 04

Newsletter errors (e.g. interface issues)

  • For complete newsletter, add links to previous and next days' newsletter and replace text "newsletter archives" with "all newsletters"

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