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From the tvfanonline site :

If you are reading this then you are probably wondering what in the world we are all about. Well, I’m glad you wondered because I’d be happy to explain.

My name is Luke, and as a kid I grew up watching very little TV. Today, like many of you, I have my “must see” list of shows. Shows that I cannot miss. It was my interest in these shows that led me to discovering the world of “fansites”. I was and am amazed at the vast number of sites, all owned and operated by individuals who have a passion for their favorite show(s). Individuals who have invested time, effort, and energy into creating a site that reflects their interests and the interests of other fans such as themselves. Let me just say, I applaud them.

Watching TV is no longer a one-dimensional experience like it was in the 50’s when everyone sat around a TV each evening watching Leave it to Beaver. Today we have VCRs, DVDs, DVRs, iPods, cell phones, computers, and most importantly the internet. Because of the internet TV fans are able to come together to discuss their favorite shows. It is an amazingly powerful medium and here at TV Fan Online we believe it is time for us to use it to our advantage.

For years now it has frustrated me that the TV networks take us, the viewer, for granted. It seems like every time a viewer tunes in their show has been moved to a new time slot, put on “hiatus”, or worse the show is canceled before it has had a chance to build an audience. Rarely does a show survive cancellation but thanks to the spending power and efforts of fans recently shows such as Family Guy have returned to the air. Others, such as Firefly were turned into a movie. These rare successes are due in large part to the dedication and spending power of us the fans. This is where TV Fan Online comes in.

Our motto is “for fans, by fans”. Our focus is on you the fan and we want to do the following.

• Build a community where your voice, the TV fan voice, is heard. • Promote other TV fan sites and causes • Profile your favorite star’s charity. • Be a place where fans can spread the word about “save the show” or “save the star” campaigns. • Provide entertaining and interactive fan based blogs, opinion columns, forums and features that enhances your experience as a fan.

The talented writers and bloggers who contribute to TV Fan Online do so because they have a passion for what they do. The site is run on a shoestring budget and I would encourage you to donate if you can afford to do so. We understand that not everyone is able to donate directly so we have also included options such as the links, which if you click on them when you go to purchase something, a very small percentage will come back to us to help with broadband and operating costs.

So, come explore TV Fan Online, find new friends and embrace your inner “Couch Potato”, “TV Junkie”, “Soap Addict”, “Sci-Fi Geek”, or “Movie Buff”. It is my deepest hope that you will visit often.


Luke TV Fan Online Creator & Editor

Fun facts about Luke -

Luke grew up on a farm where he Watched Days of our lives.

He wasn't allowed to watch the 'Possession' storyline but did anyways.

Luke and his Cohost Lisa have never met in real life

Lisa :

Lisa is a long time Soap viewer formally from Tennessee.

Her First Soap was Guiding light which she still watches today. It has a special connection for her because her mother watched it and it is one of the few remaining links Lisa says she has with her mom.

Lisa has been sick and unable to do the podcast since early January.

Lisa is also a Vanderbilt collage Football fan.

Tina :

Tina is a avid soap viewer she recently started watching ALL of the soaps and even thou she may not enjoy all of them she still watches so she can talk about them on DC.


Belinda is a long time ABC Soap viewer she primarily on the ABC podcast.

Belinda writes a weekly column on the abc soaps called View form the Recliners edge.

She recently interviewed veteran soap writer Tom Roche who is best known for the Luke and Laura Ice Princess storyline among many others.


Jay is a longtime fan of soaps he is also a good friend of Luke's he is also becoming more active on Daytime Confidential podcast .


Mike is a longtime As the world turns viewer and has also been watching the rest of the CBS soaps and Days of our lives.

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