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Cast Superman- Sonic the Hedgehog (Second-Most Fastest Thing Alive) Batman- Shadow the Hedgehog (Third-Most Fastest Thing Alive) Wonder Woman- Ulala (Extraterrestrial Singing Superstar) The Flash- NiGHTS (Friendly Flying Jester) Green Lantern- Billy Hatcher (Young Hero of Morning Land) Captain Marvel- Gillius (Mighty Viking Adventurer) Lex Luthor- Dr.Eggman (Evil Genius IQ of 300) Catwoman- Rouge the Bat (Mysterious and Sexy Theif) Deathstroke- Reala (Jester/Clown-like Nightmaren) *Joke: I spy with my little eye something beginning with "gay clown." Joker- Metal Sonic (Robotic Copy of Sonic) Darkseid- Black Doom (Leader of the Black Arms)

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