Game Two

01:44:10 <luc> Recap; You went to investigate the underground facility in Lams Arotte. Got in there. Freaky stuff happened. The guards got killed/killed themselves. The Inquisitor made himself known, but then killed himself. There are shadows outside the northern doorway. There was a terminal that seemed to corrupt Hristoph.

01:44:26 <Amberlyn> Plus, the Inquisitor looks like he was a fake anyways

01:44:58 <luc> You still have the computer terminal, and two doorways.

01:45:29 <Amberlyn> and that medkit

01:45:40 <luc> Which is currently deactivated

01:45:46 <Amberlyn> yes

01:45:47 <luc> After a certain someone peirced it

01:46:23 <luc> I changed the pog to something more suitable

01:46:29 <Amberlyn> that's coo

01:46:37 <luc> So begin...

01:48:05 <Amberlyn> (:scratches head: we kinda needed dj here to analize the medkit)

01:48:21 <luc> I'll assume his roll for now

01:48:52 <Amberlyn> "hristoph, check out this medkit"

01:49:06 <luc> #roll 1d100

01:49:06 * Varne stands in wary guard of the door.

01:49:07 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 32>

01:49:21 <Amberlyn> (also, what do the blue tiles mean?)

01:49:37 <luc> (You'll see when you get there)

01:49:43 <Amberlyn> (ok)

01:50:42 <*Hristoph*> "The medkit is of standard issue however, it appears to have somehow gained a machine spirit. The spirit is corrupt.

01:51:20 <Amberlyn> "Can you purge it?"

01:52:07 <*Hristoph*> "I will try."

01:52:13 <luc> #roll 1d100

01:52:13 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 57>

01:52:39 <*Hristoph*> "I cannot access the machine spirit in it's current state of disrepair."

01:54:02 <luc> Varne, The door is well shut, the shadows are still scraping at the doors though.

01:54:07 <Amberlyn> "varne, tactical analysis?"

01:54:34 <Varne> "Door seems pretty secure. I don't think they'll be getting through on their own."

01:55:08 <Varne> "Still, I don't recommend sticking around here."

01:55:46 <luc> Amberlyn, You begin to hear statis over your microbead, amongst the white noise there is a language you don't understand.

01:56:02 <Amberlyn> *bitter laughter* "Indeed not. which way should we-"

01:56:04 <luc> It continues for approximately ten seconds before stopping

01:56:04 <Amberlyn> I listen

01:56:17 <Varne> "This whole zecking compound has the stink of chaos on it..staying in one place is never a good idea.."

01:56:26 <luc> Amberlyn, Toughness check

01:56:27 * Varne looks to Amberlyn, "Something wrong?"

01:56:46 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

01:56:46 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 80>

01:56:52 <Amberlyn> (piss)

01:57:11 <luc> Amberlyn drops to the floor, from a shock that originates from her microbead.

01:57:24 <Varne> "Shit!"

01:57:37 * Varne rushes over to Amberlyn's side, "Are you okay?"

01:57:37 <Amberlyn> if I am capable of movement, I attempt to claw it from my ear

01:57:57 <luc> You are capable of movement, it was just a bit of a shock, no damage

01:58:13 <luc> Willpower check

01:58:15 <Amberlyn> (I wasn't sure if it was an ongoing shock)

01:58:18 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

01:58:18 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 27>

01:58:47 <luc> You manage to claw it from your ear, it sparks in your hand, though not enough to hurt you.

01:59:26 <Amberlyn> "I seem to be fine. there was stacic and an unknown language over the air, and then it started shocking me"

01:59:43 * Amberlyn swears in a tounge hristoph and varne don't understand

01:59:44 <*Hristoph*> "Analysis required."

01:59:57 * Varne frowns, "You're not gonna try to kill yourself, are you?"

02:00:12 * *Hristoph* Takes the microbead from Amberlyn

02:00:18 <Amberlyn> "Not unless the Emporer demands"

02:00:23 <luc> #roll 1d100

02:00:23 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 69>

02:00:27 * Amberlyn relinquishes it

02:00:42 <*Hristoph*> "Inconclusive results. It is no longer functioning."

02:00:56 <luc> The microbead has stopped sparking.

02: 01:36 <luc> Perception please people

02: 01:40 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

02: 01:40 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 72>

02: 02:02 <Varne> #roll 1d100

02: 02:02 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 84>

02: 02:16 <Varne> (durhur what's going on lol)

02: 02:27 <luc> And a toughness check from both of you please

02: 02:35 <Amberlyn> (looks left and right shiftily) #roll 1d50

02: 02:40 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

02: 02:40 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 84>

02: 02:44 <Varne> #1d100

02: 02:51 <Varne> durp

02: 02:56 <Varne> #roll 1d100

02: 02:56 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 47>

02: 03:12 <Varne> (aaagh 11 over)

02: 03:30 <luc> You both notice Hristoph move into that corner

02: 03:38 <Amberlyn> (I was only... 54 over!)

02: 03:57 <Amberlyn> "Priest?"

02: 04:21 <Varne> "What're you doing..?

02: 04:41 <luc> The computer terminal explodes, having that blast radius.

02:05:22 <Amberlyn> "shit!"

02:05:26 * Varne rolls away by instinct, nearly caught in the blast, "Zeck!"

02:05:45 <luc> Varne, Take 2 wounds, Amberlyn Take 1 wound. The Medkit disintegrates.

02:06:01 <Varne> (To main body?)

02:06:22 <Amberlyn> (is this before or after armor and toughness modifiers?)

02:06:46 <luc> (Not location, this is the direct application of wounds. No armour/toughness - that's already been taken into consideration)

02:06:54 <Amberlyn> (kk)

02:06:57 <Varne> (Okay)

02:06:58 * ChanServ gives voice to djones

02:06:58 <luc> (I assumed main body, yes)

02:07:14 <djones> (eurgh... >.<)

02:07:20 <Amberlyn> (wb_

02:07:24 <luc> (pop onto gametable and jump right in)

02:09:01 <luc> (There is still a smoulder of electrical fires within the red region)

02:09:39 <Amberlyn> (I gave djones the logs of what he missed)

02:09:49 <Amberlyn> I go to investigate the door over here

02:10:24 * Varne staggers to his feet, "Ugh..twice-damned machines.."

02:10:32 <luc> Amberlyn, roll

02:10:50 * Varne looks over to Hristoph, "No offense, priest."

02:11:07 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

02:11:07 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 26>

02:11:08 * djones is now known as Hristoph

02:11:51 <Amberlyn> (woot)

02:12:12 <luc> Amberlyn, The door is electrical, the panel seems to be functioning. It is asking for a code to open to "Restricted Area - Level 4"

02:13:02 * Hristoph looks at Varne..."none taken"

02:14:01 * Hristoph goes to look at the other door

02:14:03 <Amberlyn> "Priest, this door needs your talents to open. Try not to let it make you murderous again."

02:14:26 <luc> Hristoph gets half-way to the other day, when this is said

02:14:38 <Hristoph> (/me becomes murderous?)

02:14:53 <Amberlyn> (remember, something made you try rto shoot varne?)

02:15:09 <Varne> "Ah..other door, priest."

02:15:15 <Hristoph> (i meant it as a joke, as in i become murderous now ;P)

02:15:15 <Varne> "We want to stay away from that one.

02:15:47 <Hristoph> (did i miss why?)

02:15:56 <Amberlyn> (lol oh)

02:16:07 <Amberlyn> (yeah why do we wanna stay away from the other door?)

02:16:21 <Varne> (Unfriendlies behind it!)

02:16:38 <luc> (He's on about the bottom-right door)

02:16:42 <Hristoph> (this is the bottom right door i'm talking about, not the northern door)

02:16:50 <Amberlyn> (I thought he was heading for the bottom right... everyone beat me to it)

02:16:59 <Varne> (Oh, whoops)

02:17:06 * Hristoph examines the right bottom door

02:17:20 <luc> Tech Use

02:17:26 <Hristoph> #roll 1d1--

02:17:28 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:17:29 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 47>

02:18:30 <luc> It looks like a standard issue service-entrance door. There is a keypad, and asking for a pass code "Restricted Area - Level 1"

02:18:32 <Hristoph> (fail)

02:19:01 <luc> (Who said you failed? I do use modifiers ;))

02:19:06 <Hristoph> (fair enough :))

02:19:09 <Varne> (I got your passcode right here *shoots keypad*)

02:19:18 <Amberlyn> (modifiers! that's heresy!)

02:19:39 * Hristoph examines the keypad further and attempts to open the door by hacking it

02:19:44 <luc> (I'm the thing that you can be heretical against ;) so not using modifiers - that's heresy!)

02:19:47 <luc> Hristoph, roll

02:19:52 <luc> Tech Use

02:19:54 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:19:54 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 36>

02:20:07 <Varne> (possible success?!)

02:20:32 <Amberlyn> (lets play it like paranoia! 'that's HERESY *zapzapzap*)

02:20:39 <luc> (Not on my watch)

02:20:49 <luc> The access pad bleeps "Access Denied"

02:21:18 <Amberlyn> how strong does the door look?

02:21:32 <Varne> "Well, we've tried it the smart way.."

02:21:40 <Hristoph> "hold Varne"

02:21:42 <luc> Quite, looks stronger than the northern doors.

02:21:58 <Hristoph> "A single failure does not mean that thought has lost its appeal"

02:22:05 * Hristoph tries to hack again

02:22:16 <luc> roll again

02:22:21 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:22:21 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 90>

02:22:24 <Hristoph> (bah)

02:22:29 <Amberlyn> (haha nope)

02:22:42 <luc> The console bleeps twice "Access Denied, attempt 2 of 3"

02:22:57 * Hristoph tilts its head

02:23:02 <Amberlyn> Third time is the charm?

02:23:04 <luc> ( Varne You're standing in smouldering electronics)

02:23:13 * Hristoph taps on the pad again

02:23:16 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:23:16 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 12>

02:23:48 <luc> The pad doesn't bleep "Access Granted, Researcher Uriel"

02:23:56 <Varne> (Oh yeah wouldn't want to do that lol)

02:24:17 <Amberlyn> (... it doesn't bleep that?)

02:24:20 * Hristoph untilts its head

02:24:46 <luc> The flooring in this area is rather peculiar. It appears that there is perspect above a metallic combination. You don't know what the structure beneath is.

02:24:52 <luc> *perspex

02:25:09 <Amberlyn> (what is perspex?)

02:25:21 <Hristoph> (clear plastic material for building)

02:26:40 <Varne> "Hmm..whatcha make of that?"

02:27:49 <Hristoph> "it is...different...further analysis warrented...however. Caution recommended"

02:28:35 * Hristoph steps into the perspex corridor

02:28:46 <Varne> "Careful, there.."

02:28:56 <luc> The perspex is a little slipper than usual to stand one, and takes some getting used to.

02:29:17 <luc> You feel like you've increased your mass but an additional 15%

02:29:25 <Amberlyn> "well it it holds the priest..."

02:29:38 <luc> *by an additional

02:29:49 * Varne nods, "Lets get moving."

02:30:07 * Amberlyn follows

02:30:18 <luc> Amberlyn, & Varne also feel the increase in mass

02:31:23 * Hristoph walks to the corner

02:31:45 * Amberlyn peeks around the corner

02:32:02 * Varne picks up the rear.

02:32:10 <Amberlyn> (was it on the floor?)

02:32:28 <luc> (Amberlyn?)

02:32:39 <Amberlyn> (nothing, shitty pun)

02:32:43 <Amberlyn> Do I see anything?

02:32:51 <Hristoph> (lol)

02:32:52 <Varne> (oh lol)

02:33:23 <luc> Ahead of you, in the room, you can see a circular vat of liquid. You can also see another, just in the other corner. The liquid is a pale purple, and it is made of the same perspex as the floor. It seems to go onto the electronics beneath the perspex you're currently on.

02:34:18 * Hristoph steps into the room

02:34:46 <luc> Your mass increase by another 5% overall (so +20%, it is noticeably uncomfortable)

02:34:55 * Hristoph tilts its head

02:34:57 <luc> Rather, your weight increases

02:35:02 <Amberlyn> What are the green squares down there?

02:35:07 <Hristoph> "gravity increasing in relation to proximity to this room

02:36:16 * Varne begins muttering countless oaths and wards under his breath, some in the low gothic of the imperium and others in his native tongue. A feral worlder, he's uneasy around technology at the best of a place like this, he feels completely immersed in alienness.

02:36:49 <luc> ( Amberlyn computer consoles, all green = computer console)

02:36:55 <Amberlyn> (ok)

02:37:27 <luc> The purple liquid seems stagnant, and is translucent, though almost opaque

02:37:42 * Hristoph heads towards the computer consoles

02:37:55 <Amberlyn> "Priest, see if you can glean anything from the consoles, like a way to turn off the added gravity"

02:38:13 <luc> There are four consoles, all powered

02:38:37 <luc> There seem to be working on the same project, on the screen you see three columns, with various bars

02:39:04 <luc> Each column relates to "Vat #1" "Vat #2" or "Test Vat #0"

02:39:12 <Varne> "What does all this mean?"

02:39:22 * Hristoph tries to discern the nature of the various bars

02:39:26 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:39:26 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 67>

02:40:09 <luc> It's clearly something similar to environmental controls, but as to what each bar means, you're dumbfounded

02:40:37 <Hristoph> "unknown"

02:41:28 <luc> The bars are not stationary, but fluctuating

02:42:00 <Amberlyn> 'can you delve deeper?'

02:42:39 * Varne mutters, "Don't want a thing to do with any of this, bring a curse down on us all.." And backs away a few paces.

02:42:52 <Hristoph> "i shall attempt"

02:43:09 * Hristoph looks for a way to access other relevant information in order to discern the nature of the room

02:43:15 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:43:15 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 21>

02:43:48 <luc> There seems to be no data files regarding the nature of the room, only that this console regulates the tanks, and console 4 regulates the level of gravity.

02:44:31 * Hristoph moves around to console 4 and attempts to readjust gravity to normal levels

02:44:36 <luc> Console 1: Vat #1

02:44:36 <luc> Console #2 Vat #2

02:44:36 <luc> Console #3 Test Vat #0

02:44:36 <luc> Console #4 Gravity

02:44:45 <luc> Roll away

02:44:51 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:44:51 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 100>

02:44:56 <Hristoph> (:o)

02:45:09 <Varne> (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

02:45:21 <Amberlyn> (oh shite_

02:45:31 <Hristoph> (can i use a fate point to reroll?)

02:45:36 <luc> (You can)

02:45:45 <Hristoph> (i think thats best for everyone)

02:45:50 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:45:50 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 45>

02:46:16 <luc> "Access Denied. Enter Passcode"

02:46:44 * Hristoph attempts to "enter" in the passcode

02:46:48 <Hristoph> #roll 1d100

02:46:48 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph [1d100]: 41>

02:47:24 <luc> "Access Granted Researcher Uriel."

02:47:44 <luc> You see a nice, simple interface, You enter in a number, it changes the gravity as per that.

02:47:56 <Amberlyn> "Who is this uriel person?"

02:48:09 <Hristoph> "unknown"

02:48:27 <Hristoph> (is there a reference point for gravity? i.e can i see what its set at now?)

02:48:56 <luc> (No reference point, you can't see what it's set at now, and no units displaced)

02:49:16 <Amberlyn> "Guess low"

02:49:32 <Amberlyn> (brb, bio)

02:50:00 * ChanServ gives voice to djones

02:50:20 * luc has kicked Hristoph from #dharottetidings (luc)

02:50:25 <djones> (is there a reference point for gravity? i.e can i see what its set at now?)

02:50:35 <luc> <luc> (No reference point, you can't see what it's set at now, and no units displaced)

02:50:35 <luc> <Amberlyn> "Guess low"

02:50:35 <luc> <Amberlyn> (brb, bio)

02:50:44 <luc> *displayed that should be

02:50:47 * djones is now known as Hristoph_Zell

02:50:57 * Hristoph_Zell tilts his head

02:51:24 * Hristoph_Zell takes a grip of the console itself and enters in the number 5

02:51:59 <luc> One the screen, not said; "This will increase the gravity to five times terran, confirm?"

02:52:08 <luc> *On

02:52:16 * Hristoph_Zell presses the no button

02:52:32 * Hristoph_Zell enters in 0.95

02:53:04 * Hristoph_Zell confirms

02:53:17 <luc> The gravity now appears normal for Lams Arotte

02:53:35 * Hristoph_Zell always wanted to lose a few pounds

02:53:39 * Varne sighs, kicking his legs, "Well, that's a relief.."

02:53:56 <luc> The liquid in the vats increases in opacity.

02:54:32 * Hristoph_Zell examines console number 3

02:54:43 <Hristoph_Zell> "step away from the vats"

02:54:50 * Hristoph_Zell attempts to gain access to this console

02:54:55 <luc> roll

02:55:38 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

02:55:38 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 13>

02:55:56 <luc> You gain access quite easily, but still dont' understand the information it's displaying

02:56:05 * Hristoph_Zell nods

02:56:26 <Hristoph_Zell> (what things can i change?)

02:57:01 <luc> (Nothing, it seems to purely be monitoring)

02:58:55 <luc> You notice that one of the bars is considerably lower.

02:59:24 * Hristoph_Zell examines the bar and attempts to gleam understanding from it in relation to the others now

02:59:26 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

02:59:27 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 21>

02:59:56 <luc> It appears to be an indication of the density of the liquid.

03:00:17 <luc> And I need a perception off of you Hristoph_Zell

03:00:18 <Varne> (brb, need to make some food or i'm gonna die. shouldn't be long)

03:00:36 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:00:37 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 50>

03: 01:01 <luc> You visually confirm that it's more opaque

03: 01:31 <luc> (Wait for one of the others to get back, at least)

03: 01:39 <Hristoph_Zell> (yah)

03: 01:42 <Amberlyn> back

03: 01:46 <luc> wb

03: 01:57 <luc> (read up and we'll continue)

03: 02:12 <Amberlyn> (sorry been back for a lil bit, but forgot to say so, was waiting for Hristoph_Zell to finish his investigations before I made any actions)

03: 02:23 <luc> (Ah, well on we go)

03: 02:35 * Hristoph_Zell reports his findings to Amberlyn

03: 02:55 <Amberlyn> "Unless there is anything else to be gleaned from these consoles, I say we move on"

03: 03:03 <luc> As soon as you move out from behind the computer consoles, make a perception check.

03: 03:15 * Hristoph_Zell moves out

03: 03:19 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03: 03:19 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 98>

03: 03:26 <Hristoph_Zell> (oh for the love of)

03: 03:33 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03: 03:33 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 61>

03: 04:08 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03: 04:08 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 53>

03: 04:24 <luc> Amberlyn & Varne You notice that the vats liquid is changing in opacity at an increasing speed.

03: 04:39 <Varne> "Something's going on.."

03: 04:44 <Amberlyn> "Lets get the Throne out of here"

03: 04:55 <Amberlyn> does this door open?

03:05:01 <Hristoph_Zell> "hold"

03:05:12 * Hristoph_Zell returns to the gravity console and places gravity to 1.15

03:06:49 <Amberlyn> does anything happen?

03:06:52 <luc> The vats reduce in opacity, and stabalise at a similar shade.

03:06:59 <luc> (was updating gametable)

03:07:07 * Hristoph_Zell now moves labourisly to the doorway

03:07:16 <luc> You all feel the +20% change.

03:07:53 <luc> The door way has an access panel like the others, but is inactive

03:07:54 <Varne> "Ugh..well I suppose it's better to take the demon we know.."

03:08:10 <Amberlyn> "Very true. Priest, can you open this door?"

03:08:29 * Hristoph_Zell attempts to open the door and if the pad is needed reactive the pad

03:08:41 <luc> The pad does not respond

03:10:07 * Hristoph_Zell tries to discern why the pad is inactive

03:10:10 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:10:10 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 17>

03:10:16 <luc> No power to it.

03:10:28 * Hristoph_Zell looks at the vats

03:10:40 <Hristoph_Zell> "hypothesis, gravity required to be lower, power runs via liquid vats

03:11:00 <Hristoph_Zell> Reducing gravity reactivates pad, however unknown danger comes with

03:13:50 <luc> (Want to try other means, whilst we wiat for dj?)

03:14:11 <Varne> "Zeck, so we're stuck unless we want to jive around with things we barely even understand, Emperor save us..."

03:14:37 <Varne> (sounds good to me)

03:14:57 <Amberlyn> "we could always try to force the door"

03:14:59 <luc> Amberlyn, & Varne Perc. checks please, Amberlyn +10

03:15:05 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03:15:05 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 25>

03:16:04 <luc> Amberlyn, You notice the door isn't entirely shut, there is a gap between the two sides of the door.

03:16:09 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:16:09 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 8>

03:16:15 <luc> as does Varne

03:16:48 <Amberlyn> "the door isn't closed all the way. would a strapping young guardsman like youself like to give it a heave?"

03:17:44 * Varne stows his weapons for the moments and wipes his hands, "I like it better than stumbling around with ancient machines, Emperor be blessed." He'll attempt to push the door open with all his strength.

03:18:01 <luc> Str +10

03:18:16 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:18:17 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 93>

03:18:23 <Varne> (orz)

03:18:35 <Hristoph_Zell> (i'm back?

03:18:38 <Amberlyn> (can I help?)

03:18:42 <luc> Your fingers slip on the door, and you can't get any purchase

03:18:49 * luc gives voice to Hristoph_Zell

03:19:20 * Varne grunts, "Damn, surface is too smooth to get a grip.."

03:19:46 * Hristoph_Zell snickers

03:19:48 <luc> ( Amberlyn You can have a go)

03:19:52 * Hristoph_Zell steps into the doorway and heaves

03:19:55 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:19:55 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 4>

03:20:06 * Amberlyn steps aside for Hristoph_Zell

03:20:19 <luc> The doors fly open.

03:20:35 * Hristoph_Zell tilts its head and steps through

03:20:59 * Hristoph_Zell notices figures and steps back

03:21:02 * Varne stands there mutely for a moment before cracking a grin and slapping the priest across the back, "Good for more than just brains and theories, eh?"

03:21:15 <luc> Two shades are there, roll initiative

03:21:26 <Amberlyn> (its just a d10, right?

03:21:26 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:21:26 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 19>

03:21:35 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d10

03:21:35 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d10]: 3>

03:21:38 <Varne> (oops lol)

03:21:39 <luc> (d10 + Agility modifier)

03:21:44 <Amberlyn> 6

03:21:46 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:21:46 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 60>

03:21:49 <Varne> dur

03:21:50 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:21:50 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 98>

03:21:52 <Varne> #roll 1d10

03:21:53 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d10]: 6>

03:21:54 <Hristoph_Zell> bah

03:21:57 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d10

03:21:57 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d10]: 3>

03:22:04 <Hristoph_Zell> 6 for me as well

03:22:10 <Varne> 8

03:22:26 <luc> #roll 1d10

03:22:26 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d10]: 7>

03:22:39 <Varne> "Behind me, the both of you."

03:22:47 <luc> Before you can move

03:22:54 <Varne> (May I assume Varne took his weapons back out when he couldn't get the door open?)

03:23:20 <Amberlyn> (blah, sorry I'm not on the top of things, I'm not feeling so good tonight)

03:23:27 <luc> ( Varne you can)

03:23:36 <Varne> (k)

03:23:52 <luc> Gun Shade #1 fires at Hristoph_Zell

03:23:56 <luc> #roll 1d100

03:23:57 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 35>

03:24:39 <Hristoph_Zell> (bugger)

03:24:46 <luc> (goes to open book)

03:24:55 * Hristoph_Zell attempts to dodge

03:24:58 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:24:58 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 12>

03:27:15 * luc is trying to remember what the penalty is for unskilled

03:27:30 <Hristoph_Zell> halved

03:27:32 <Amberlyn> half

03:27:52 <luc> Cheers, you manage to dodge the bullet

03:28:03 <luc> #roll 1d100

03:28:03 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 16>

03:28:14 <luc> Ok, Varne

03:28:24 <Varne> (My turn?)

03:28:26 <luc> Yep

03:29:22 * Varne fires at the first shade, "I'll draw their attention, you two take cover behind those terminals whatsits!"

03:29:30 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:29:30 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 61>

03:29:42 <Amberlyn> (can I talk when it isn't my turn?)

03:29:48 <Varne> (Free action)

03:30:12 <luc> (Yes, but one statement, and one in response, no lengthy conversations)

03:30:21 <Varne> (Also shot goes wild, woo)

03:30:28 <Amberlyn> "draw them out of the corridor so I can hit flank them"

03:30:30 <luc> Yeah, Varne misses

03:31:15 <luc> Hristoph_Zell !

03:31:34 * Hristoph_Zell readies his weapon and decides to simply move this turn

03:31:54 <Hristoph_Zell> (can i move to there?)

03:31:55 <luc> Amberlyn, !

03:32:14 <luc> ( Hristoph_Zell Yeah)

03:32:36 <Amberlyn> I just draw my sword and move next to the door

03:32:54 <luc> Shades

03:33:08 <Hristoph_Zell> (amberlyn your in the line of my shot

03:33:17 <luc> Shade #1 fires at Varne

03:33:19 <Amberlyn> The other side of the door!

03:33:29 <luc> (I'll allow it, becaus I'm feeling nice)

03:33:34 <Amberlyn> "Varne clear their line of fire dammit!"

03:33:40 <luc> #roll 1d100

03:33:40 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 58>

03:33:49 <luc> A miss!

03:33:59 <luc> The other shade fires at varne

03:34:03 <luc> #roll 1d100

03:34:03 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 52>

03:34:09 <luc> And a miss

03:34:11 <luc> Varne..

03:34:27 <Amberlyn> (you know oyu can shoot and move in the same turn, right?)

03:34:42 <luc> ( Amberlyn They did move ;) )

03:34:42 * Varne tilts his head to the side as enemy fire flies by him, "A little appreciation would be nice!" But he'll double back and fire in an attempt to draw them out.

03:34:53 <Amberlyn> (was telling varne)

03:34:56 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:34:56 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 50>

03:35:06 <Varne> (Man It's miss city)

03:35:16 <luc> Hristoph_Zell, !

03:35:17 <Hristoph_Zell> (i want to make an intellegence roll)

03:35:26 <luc> (To do what? )

03:35:49 <Hristoph_Zell> (can i perceive whether altering the gravity, based on what i've observed of the shades so far, will affect them and if so, how?)

03:35:53 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:35:53 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 70>

03:35:57 <Hristoph_Zell> (no...)

03:36:12 <luc> Amberlyn, ?

03:36:41 <Amberlyn> can I ready an action since I'm pretty sure the next time the move, they will move by me to take a swing at one?

03:36:50 <luc> You can ready

03:37:07 <Amberlyn> ok I'm readying a sword strike for the first shade to come through the door

03:38:13 <luc> Amberlyn, You get a strike here

03:38:25 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03:38:25 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 18>

03:38:34 <luc> Hit

03:38:37 <luc> Damage roll

03:39:07 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d10

03:39:07 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d10]: 8>

03:39:09 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03:39:09 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 70>

03:39:10 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d10

03:39:11 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d10]: 7>

03:39:21 <Amberlyn> 11

03:39:22 <Hristoph_Zell> (?)

03:39:38 <Varne> (Damn, he got ganked)

03:39:43 <luc> The other fires at Varne

03:39:46 <Amberlyn> (I get two damage rolls with bladed weapons. I just accidentally rolled a d100 for my second hit)

03:39:53 <luc> #roll 1d100

03:39:54 <Hristoph_Zell> (ahh kk)

03:39:54 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d100]: 12>

03:40:00 <luc> Hit!

03:40:06 <Varne> (That will hit his partner too, yes?)

03:40:12 <Amberlyn> (roll dodge!)

03:40:30 * Varne attempts to dodge.

03:40:35 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:40:35 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 82>

03:40:38 <Amberlyn> (the rules are if he rolls something that only misses cause he has cover from someone, he hits the someone instead)

03:40:42 <Varne> (oofah)

03:41:10 <luc> #roll 1d10+3

03:41:11 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for luc [1d10+3]: 12>

03:41:23 <Hristoph_Zell> (pwned)

03:41:37 <luc> Minus armour (left arm) and toughness mod

03:41:37 <Varne> (I am at critical 2)

03:41:44 <Varne> (Oh, nevermind

03:41:58 <Amberlyn> (yeah your armor and toughness should take a good chunk off that)

03:42:41 <luc> Should halve it

03:42:42 <Varne> (Well my left arm has no armor but toughness helps some. Still not in great shape)

03:43:03 <luc> (I thought you were B, 3 Arms 3, Legs 3 Head 2

03:43:05 <luc> )

03:43:08 <Varne> (Or, does flak jacket cover arms?)

03:43:08 <Amberlyn> (no armor? I'm pretty sure you get guard flak for free as a guardsmen)

03:43:35 <luc> ( Varne Change your character sheet, to 3 on everywhere except your head, 2 on head)

03:43:46 <Varne> (I guess it would. Okay, i'm alright!

03:43:49 <luc> (And adjust damage accordingly)

03:43:53 <luc> (So 6 damage)

03:43:59 <Amberlyn> (flak jacket is three to every where but head. guard flak is 4 every where)

03:44:38 <Varne> (Anyways, my turn?)

03:44:51 <luc> Yep

03:45:06 <Varne> (What kind of guns are they using, btw?)

03:45:26 <luc> (You're unfamiliar with their design)

03:45:27 <Varne> (Just like, slug or las)

03:45:47 <luc> (They appear to be las, but you're unsure)

03:47:02 <Hristoph_Zell> (just shoot ;))

03:47:58 * Varne is caught in the arm but the strange beam of the enemy's weapon. Though the armor stops a good deal of it, it still hurts like all hell, "Zeck!" The feral worlder souts, levelling his gun carefully at the nearest shade, "I'll zecking kill you for that, you bastards!"

03:48:05 <Varne> (Aiming and firing, +10 to hit)

03:48:11 <luc> Yep

03:48:18 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:48:18 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 61>

03:48:28 <Varne> (aaand not quite good enough)

03:48:38 <luc> Hristoph_Zell, !

03:48:53 <Hristoph_Zell> (aiming and firing?)

03:49:04 <Hristoph_Zell> (can anyone do that?)

03:49:10 <Amberlyn> (don't forget range modifiers too, and yes)

03:49:25 <Varne> (What are those?)

03:49:50 * Hristoph_Zell aims and fires at the gun shade numero uno with his las carbine on auto

03:49:54 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:49:54 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 80>

03:49:57 <Amberlyn> (point blank, which is three squares or less is +30)

03:50:09 <Amberlyn> ( short range is +10)

03:50:21 <Varne> (Then, I think I hit him?)

03:50:24 <Amberlyn> (short range is half max range or less)

03:50:46 <luc> (Not in effect for this. I can't explain why)

03:50:47 <Varne> (30m is max range for the las pistol. How far is he from me?)

03:50:55 <luc> (Story plot.. you know how it is)

03:50:59 <Varne> (okay, that's fine)

03:51:07 <Amberlyn> (pretty sure each square is a meter)

03:51:12 <luc> (yep)

03:51:40 <luc> Hristoph_Zell, You miss, no negative effect.

03:51:45 <luc> Amberlyn, !

03:52:33 <Amberlyn> (I'm looking for the aim rules)

03:53:01 <Varne> (You don't aim with melee weapons, just full attack)

03:53:21 <luc> (Half action aiming = +10, Full action aiming = +20)

03:53:22 <Amberlyn> (it says melee or ranged here)

03:53:23 <Varne> (You can declare your intention to hit a specific body part which is a penalty of 20 I thinl)

03:53:48 <luc> (You can use both melee and ranged with aiming)

03:54:08 <Amberlyn> Ok going to try to line up another shot and slice this guy good

03:54:09 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03:54:09 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 44>

03:54:37 <luc> Hit!

03:54:40 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d10

03:54:40 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d10]: 2>

03:54:42 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d10

03:54:43 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d10]: 10>

03:54:53 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03:54:53 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 68>

03:55:00 <Amberlyn> so 13

03:55:10 <luc> The shade fades

03:55:28 <Varne> "Just what the hell are we fighting?!"

03:55:35 <luc> The second shade moves forward

03:55:40 <luc> And fades

03:56:04 <luc> Awareness check everyone, please

03:56:12 <Amberlyn> #roll 1d100

03:56:13 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Amberlyn [1d100]: 21>

03:56:27 <Varne> #roll 1d100

03:56:27 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Varne [1d100]: 90>

03:56:51 <Hristoph_Zell> #roll 1d100

03:56:51 -RPGServ/#dharottetidings- <Roll for Hristoph_Zell [1d100]: 72>

03:57:24 <luc> Amberlyn, You notice two things a) the pad is now online and b) vat #0 is now leaking the purple liquid.

03:58:03 <Amberlyn> "... The liquid is leaking, must have been hit with a stray shot"

03:58:31 * Varne looks back, "...Wasn't me, at least."

03:59:04 <Hristoph_Zell> "haste, perhaps"

03:59:13 <luc> You have about 30 seconds before the liquid reaches you.

03:59:15 <Varne> "Sounds like a plan.

03:59:18 * Hristoph_Zell steps quickly towards the next door

03:59:38 <Amberlyn> I close the door behind us

03:59:51 <Amberlyn> (you said the pad was working, right?)

03:59:58 <luc> (Yep)

04:00:12 <luc> The door pad you're currently at is flashing green.

04:00:13 * Hristoph_Zell examines the door

04:00:40 <luc> You push the green button, it opens.

04: 01:05 <luc> (It's a +30, if not more roll, and obvious)

04: 01:43 <Hristoph_Zell> (hehe)

04: 02:10 * Hristoph_Zell steps through

04: 02:32 * Amberlyn follows and flanks on the right, sword at the ready

04: 02:33 <luc> The door closes behind varne. The gravity is normal in this area

04: 02:47 * Varne does the same on the other side, sword and gun in hand.

04: 03:16 <luc> At the end is a display screen.

04: 03:18 * Hristoph_Zell examines the room they're in for anything out of the ordinary

04: 03:24 <Amberlyn> (varne, just so you know, you get negs if you attack with whatever weapon is in your off hand if you don't have ambidexterity)

04: 03:37 <Varne> (Yeah I know, planning to get that when I can)

04: 03:43 <luc> The screen comes on

04: 03:54 <Varne> (Until then though my off-hand isn't doing anything by itself. ;))

04: 04:05 <Amberlyn> (;-p)

04: 04:18 * Hristoph_Zell pays attention to the scree

04: 04:19 <Hristoph_Zell> n

04: 04:21 <*Screen*> "Welcome Researcher Uriel. Which section would you like to go to?"

04: 04:48 <Hristoph_Zell> "What are my options?"

04: 04:59 * Hristoph_Zell wonders if its voice activated

04:06:15 <*Screen*> "V.A.T Research, Simulation Rooms 1 through 7, Firing Range, Biological Research & Command Centre."

04:06:34 <Amberlyn> "Command Centre"

04:06:50 <luc> Nothing happens

04:06:50 * Hristoph_Zell nods

04:06:54 <Hristoph_Zell> "Command centre"

04:07:14 <luc> "Thank you researcher Uriel, you will now be brought to the command centre."

04:07:24 <luc> ...and pause...

04:08:03 <luc> Think we'll call it a session there

04:08:14 <Varne> That sounds good to me.

04:08:19 <Amberlyn> that's fine

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