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Randy's Food Journal: January 07

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NOTE: Need to figure out a way to restrict edit access

7 Jan:

2 eggs, 1/2oz cheddar, 4 cups of coffee

6oz steak, baked potato, 2T butter

4oz corn tortillas, 1oz cheez

Wendy's jr. bacon burger, sm fries, sm pop

3oz rice crackers, 3 sm. pickles

celery stalk w/1.5oz peanut butter

8 Jan:

3 eggs, .5oz cheddar, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, 3 cups of coffee

Marie Calendar meal, 360cal, 12g fat 2 celery stalks + 2 T peanut butter

2oz cashews, 2oz almonds

10oz fruit juice

10oz steak, baked potato, 1T butter

9 Jan:

3 chicken sausages @ 45cal ea., 2 eggs, 4 cups coffee

M.Calendar meal 480cal, 22g fat

Celery + 2T peanut butter

1 beer

1 peanut butter mayo sandwich

10 Jan:

3 chicken sausages, 2 eggs

M.Callendar meal, 480cal, 18g fat

3oz cashews

11 Jan:

12 Jan:

13 Jan:

14 Jan:

15 Jan:

16 Jan:

17 Jan:

18 Jan:

19 Jan:

20 Jan:

21 Jan:

22 Jan:

23 Jan:

24 Jan:

25 Jan:

26 Jan:

26 Jan:

27 Jan:

27 Jan:

28 Jan:

29 Jan:

30 Jan:

31 Jan:

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