DJBJ Throws a Tantrum is another Fat Pizza Fan made episode.



  • Narrator: One day, DJBJ and Junior went to the mall and went in to Big W. When they went to the book section, DJBJ saw Harry Potty.
  • DJBJ: I want that Harry Potty book!
  • Junior: No!
  • DJBJ: WAAHHH, Come on, Junior, I am a big fan of Harry Potty! Please Junior, let me have it!
  • Junior: You got to many Harry Potty books at home, but this is crap!
  • DJBJ: I WANT IT NOW, I WANT IT NOW-OW-OW-OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: So Junior drag DJBJ away from Harry Potty.
  • Narrator: Then next thing when they went to the Thomas section, DJBJ saw a Rare Wooden Railway Percy.
  • DJBJ: Wow, a rare wooden railway Percy, may I have it, please Junior?
  • Junior: NO!
  • DJBJ: Aww, come on, Junior, this is the rarest train you can hardly buy now-a-days, but I wanted this train so badly!
  • Junior: You got to many trains at home! YAA HOO HOO!!! (grabs DJBJ)
  • (the next day at the Fat Pizza Shop)
  • DJBJ (reading):  Suddenly, Dumbladong cast the spell of the young wizard of Harry Potty.
  • Pauly Falzoni: (calling Kev and Junior) Look at this, that dumb kids book here is Harry Potty, who wants a stooge book like that?
  • DJBJ (reading): Suddenly, the Queen Fairy of Poo Poo Land crept up behind Harry Potty and grabbed his wand.
  • Pauly Falzoni: See what did I tell ya mate, it's a stooge book.
  • Narrator: DJBJ also has a rare wooden railway Percy toy train.
  • DJBJ: (laughs) Hey erveryone, check out my rare wooden railway Percy and my new Harry Potty book.
  • Narrator: Then Bobo hangs up the phone and raced to DJBJ.
  • Bobo Gigliotti: Isn't this a kids book?
  • DJBJ: No no, Bobo, Heaps of Adults read that book, it's actually about a wizard, his spells and castle and a.. (Bobo slaps DJBJ)
  • Bobo Gigliotti: No reading in the workplace.
  • Narrator: Then Bobo got Pauly to rip up a whole book and Junior and Kev the Kiwi joined in. DJBJ was so upset that they put it on a fire outside. Then Junior also throws a Rare Wooden Railway Percy on a fire where the Harry Potty book is.
  • DJBJ: No-o-o-o-o-o  Now I will never buy another rare wooden railway Percy or another Harry Potty book again (sobbs).
  • Narrator: Everyone knows what DJBJ really is. They all treat him like crap all the time and even the customers treats him like crap too.

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