1. DJBJ Throws a Tantrum
  2. Bart Simpson Throws a Tantrum
  3. Angelica Throws Another Tantrum
  4. Ernie Throws a Tantrum
  5. Ronald McDonald Throws a Tantrum
  6. Jimmy Neutron Throws a Tantrum
  7. Pauly Falzoni Throws a Tantrum
  8. SpongeBob Throws a Tantrum
  9. Kermit Throws a Tantrum
  10. Heffer Throws a Fit


  • October 22 2007

Front Cover


  • DJBJ Throwing a Tantrum in a book store from "DJBJ Throws a Tantrum".


  • Angelica getting shrunk into mouse size

Back Cover

  • Junior throwing a Harry Potty Book from "DJBJ Throws a Tantrum" & Ronald McDonald throwing a Tantrum from "Ronald McDonald Throws a Tantrum".

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