The Music Video will serve as the Final Part of The Human Wave Trilogy. It will center on The Human Wave battling the Black Flame in the midst of Downtown Miami.


Ben Whishaw as Kurt Hendricks/ The Human Wave

Cameron Diaz as Dr. Jill Sullivan

Cillian Murphy as Dr. Nick Vladimir

Dave Bautista as Nick Wyatt/ Black Flame

John Cusack as Ryan Hendricks

Mark Wahlberg as Dr. Ricky Jones

Josh Gad as Black Flame's Servant

Steve Austin as Officer Jim Goulding

James Franco as Human Wave Phase II

DJ PON3 as Herself (Appears in the New York City Subway singing the song)

Tommy Lee Jones as Subway Passenger

Kevin Durand as Police Officer

Randy Orton as Police Officer

Colin Firth as Police Officer

Ethan Hawke as Scientist

Rob Van Dam as Officer

MVP as Subway Passenger

Joy Bryant as News Anchor

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