The Music Video will be centered on the lives of 30 men, with a certain number as their name, in the midst of an apocalypse, with each waking up realizing it is a dream at the end.


Will Smith as 1

Ewan McGregor as 2

Denis O'Hare as 3

Chris Martin as 4

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as 5

James Rolfe as 6

Adam Levine as 7

Jesse Eisenberg as 8

Chris Marquette as 9

Triple H as 10

Jason Ritter as 11

Brad Jones 12

Rob Lowe as 13

Doug Walker as 14

Dee Bradley Baker as 15 as 16

Jansen Panettiere as 17

Kristen Stewart as 18

Danny McBride as 19

Tommy Lee Jones as 20

Rob Van Dam as 21

Ed Sheeran as 22

Josh Gad as 23

Christoph Waltz as 24

Adam Copeland as 25

RZA as 26

CM Punk as 27

Shane Dawson as 28

Toby Turner as 29

John Cena as 30

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