Storyline: The Music video centers on 7 young employed people working at nightly shifts in Las Vegas, with each having a vision about their past:

The Pilot - Has a vision about his recent divorce.

The Gambler - Has a vision about his illegal drug problems.

The Boxer - Has a vision about winning his first championship.

The Hotel Maid - Has a vision mourning over the loss of her father at a funeral.

The Magician - Has a vision about his troubled life in High School.

The Swimmer - Has a vision about winning his first gold Olympics Medal.

The Caeser's Palace Manager - Has a vision about his job as a traffic person before moving to Las Vegas.


Lucas Till as The Pilot

Topher Grace as The Gambler

Adam Levine as The Swimmer

Rob Terry as The Magician

Christina Ricci as The Maid

Chris Hemsworth as The Boxer

Andrew Garfield as The Caesar's Palace Manager

Abbie Cornish as The Pilot's Wife

Chris Martin as Police Officer

Mick Foley as Police Officer

Channing Tatum as Co-Pilot

Stephen Dorff as The Boxer's Opponent

Kodi Smit-McPhee as Magician (young)

Bob Odenkirk as High School Teacher

John de Lancie as Gambler

Jason Ritter as Gambler

Ian Somerhalder as Gambler

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