The Official Music Video to POn3's Open Arms will be released late 2013. It shows a Young NASCAR Driver Jerry Barnett trying to win the Indy 500 while inside the stadium, 2 Police Officers are trying to stop a criminal from attacking the building.


The Video opens with a car speeding through an open road. As it is about to crash into another car, the speedness then turns into slow motion, followed by a white fade in. The Camera then cuts to Jerry Barnett waking up like he had a nightmare, confirming the beginning scene to be a dream. He gets up and checks his clock, and at the last second, he gets up in a quick haste and quickly takes his shower, gets his clothes on, and prepares for the Indianapolis 500. His father wishes him good luck before he leaves the house. He then enters the stadium on his Motorcycle. He then enters the main lobby where his advisor welcomes him and guides him toward the beginning press conference where all the NASCAR racers will be attending. THe camera then cuts to the locker room, where Jerry is sitting on the bench alone, looking at a picture of him and his family, and his deceased mother who died in the car crash that was shown in the beginning scene. He then has flashbacks of the crash, and after 2 minutes, he puts the photo in his pocket and grabs his racing helmet. He then comes out of the stadium and onto the open track, where he is about to enter the car that is in the Pip Alley. As he enters the car, he puts the photo onto the window. That same time, A Sneaky Criminal enters out of nowhere and enters the stadium. 2 Security Officers notice this and enter the staidum as well. As the door to Jerry's Car closes, the song begins to play.

After the car begins to head to the starting lane, the camera cuts to Pon3 singing the song in an empty hallway of the Stadium. The 2 Officers meanwhile enter the stadium, where the concession stand clerk tells them that the criminal has headed upstairs. Meanwhile, Jerry is seen racing on the roads along with the other drivers, trying to win his first Indy500. As the song progresses, the criminal is arrested after shooting down another officer, and Jerry manages to get through a huge crash on the final lap and manages to win the race, his first Indy500. He and the pip alley celebrate as the camera fades to black when Pon3 gets up and watches this from one of the stadium's audience entrances, smiling.


Dane DeHaan as Jerry Barnett

Alexander Skarsgard as Officer

Christopher "Abyss" Parks as Officer

Taylor Lautner as Jerry's Friend/ Head of Pip Alley

Anika Noni Rose as Jerry's Advisor

Dan Aykroyd as ESPN Sportscaster

Michael B Jordan as Pip Alley Member

Ian Somerhalder as Concession Stand Clerk

Jessica Biel as Jerry's Deceased Mother

Tony Shalhoub as Flag Waver

Jamie Bell as Racer

Marty Reid as ESPN Sportscaster

Rob Van Dam as Jerry's Father

James Hetfield of Metallica as Pip Alley Member

Sean O'Haire as Criminal

Kellan Lutz as Pip Alley Member

Noah Antwiler as Pip Alley Member

Mathew Buck, Kyle Kallgren, Daren Jackson, and Josh Lawson as Fans in Attendance

NASCAR Racer Cameos:

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dario Franchitti

Will Power

Alex Lloyd

Danica Patrick

Pippa Mann

Tony Kannan

Townsend Bell

Scott Dixon

JR Hildebrand

Tomas Scheckter

Paul Tracy

Wade Cunningham

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