to traveling in space calls Dark Oak and his plan to Gets Destroy DK & Numbuh 1 for the Goods to plan with ally Cosmo the Seedrian, to also to army of monsters attack as Soccadillo, Rhinoblaster, Commander Crayfish, Pirantishead, Turban Shell, Blue Face, Birdbrain, Pollinator, Angor 1.5., Rojobot, Tutenhawken, Ruby Dragon, Ugly Monster, General Benaag and Electrotramp. to each plan to Destroy such as Father & DCFDTL releasing to relase after to the release as...Evil Villanous as Toilenator to destroy him, also to planning conquering and divide to heading darkest side from the sequel story by Metarex Base to the Leader as...Dark Oak.


to began army of the several monsters from created by Dark Oak.

is a 4Kids TV Shout Out! Sonic X Episode Station Break-In year by November 19 2005..

among to created to by from Dark Oak as (Reanne Clone Darkar and Shredder.)

among to created shows from Dark Oak as (The Huntsman Dark Dragon Dr. Drakken Shego and Monkey Fist.)

also to put 2 commanders to by freeing from Dark Oak as Ganondorf and Bowser from story calls The Spacing-Galactic Force.

The Leader of the Metarex from in the Base of the Evil Entrance Space


Dark Oak is a main antagonist of the several monsters by free such like as General Benaag from Gruumm's Army! to Dark Oak begans to attack monsters with ally villain as by Father & DCFDTL and the other villains attacks to kill by as...DK & Numbuh 1. to the fate in fight from The Metarex of in the Base.

Greatest to the Best Surprise Timering!

a biggest of the surprise as...Trial Football of the Season Time!.

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